Long, Sex & Poetry ~ The Long Exhale

The Long Exhale – Love, Sex & Poetry
By: Linda A. Long

While you are away
I close my eyes
And picture you
In my mind’s eye
Suddenly you are standing
Before me with
Crystal eyes
Of affection
Hearing my mind’s call
I want you
With me
Exhale into
My heart
Here with me
I need you
Deeply immersed
In my world
To Explore the caverns
Of my
Maze like mind
I open the door
And let you in
Into my jaded
Yet hopeful heart
I draw back the shades
To reveal to you a
A fused soul
Blended halves
Into a whole woman
Exhale with me
You are the man
The only man
I invite in
Don’t remain
Out in the cold
I see a man
Standing before me
In perfect clarity
Walking a tight rope
Lusting for my
Company and spark
Of desire
Yet respecting
Your outgrown
Duty & obligations
Preparing for the future
While performing
Obligatory tasks
With the longest exhale
I feel your breathe
Relax when
You are near me
I’ve long since
Accepted you are
The first man who
Moves effortlessly
My need for intellectual
And my
Inner artist
Needing to express
Myself through
Words and erotica
Calling you
From the open door
I light your path with
The light in my heart
I Steady your heart
With the subtle
Gestures of reassurance
I send you strength
To remain focused on
Your best life
Waits for you
In the hidden
Brush of my
Hand in yours
In a lingering
Glance with me
You will find your strength
Exhale into
Love with me
Stay there with me
In the longest exhale
(C) 2015 Linda A. Long – All Rights Reserved
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I don’t know if he realizes it but often when MBE passes me during the day, he lets out a long exhale. He’s been away and I was thinking about that sound today. I was thinking about what is he thinking when he does it? What is he feeling at that moment of exhalation? Is it release of tension or is suppressed desire finding an expression? I feel the exhalation like the wind blowing against my cheek. I listen to the exhalation like I’m listening to a beautiful piece music. I close my eyes and allow myself to tune into his breath. I hope I am his exhalation, his release.

While I try tune out the noise from the daily traffic around me, I always somehow seem to tune into him and recognize his exhalation as the spark to my soul’s fire❤️😄

Hello. My name is Linda and I am a hopeless romantic. ❤️💋☺️😘

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