Love, Sex & Poetry ~ Dance Of Fire

Dance Of Fire – Love, Sex & Poetry
By: Linda A. Long

Standing in
The center
Of a fire
Set by two
Soul’s joined
Without conscious choice
Our souls
Recognized love
Before we
Allowed the
Possibility to
Enter our minds
To become reality
Standing in
The middle
Of flames
Licking my legs
With passion and desire
Burning heat
Up between my legs
Through my
Eyes into yours
Pulling your soul
Into the
The fire with me
Standing in the heat
Of two flames
Meant for each other
From the start
Anticipation of
A divine Union
I ask you
To slow dance
With me
To the music
Of our hearts
In the blaze
Of love
Slide your arms
Around my hips
Pull me close enough
That you can
Taste my breathe
And surrender
In my arms
In this dance of love
Dancing in the
Middle of our inferno
Love reunites
My flame to yours
To start new
Bask in the shadow
Of our flames
As we
Slowly dance
Talk to me
Until you
Have no more words
Caress me
Until the sun comes up
And lose yourself
In this dance of love
Step into the fire
And dance with me
Dance with me
In the fire
Of our love
(C) 2015 Linda A. Long – All Rights Reserved
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I keep having an image of MBE and I flashing in my mind. It’s showing the two of us slow dancing without music. Just slow dancing and talking. Call it a vision, premonition or a plan but it’s really quiet lovely.

I watched “Jerry McGuire” again this afternoon. I ❤️ this song and love that movie. It always inspires me to live and love with heart.

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