Love, Sex & Poetry ~ I Serve My King

I Serve My King – Love, Sex & Poetry
By: Linda A. Long

Share the space
In my fantasy today
Where you
Are the star
Of the erotic show
Playing on the screen
In my sultry mind
Drift sweetly
Into the place
Where you
Are my king
And my breasts
Are your trophies
Close your eyes
For just one moment
Share the space
In the naughtiest
Corner of my mind
If only to remind me
That you are
The emperor
Of my waiting hips
That drip with lust
And anticipation
To serve my King
Rule my world
As my benevolent dictator
And control
My sexual desires
As your servant
You own me
The soft whispers
Of my climax
And my deep
Lustful moans
As you penetrate me
I am your
Sexual servant
You open the kingdom
Between my legs
By piercing my fruit
And hold
Me down into
Sweet missionary
With your
Restraining arms
It is under
Your command
That I
In your stern yet soft
Yes, in this space
We share
I serve at the
Pleasure of my king
I humbly submit
To the pleasures of my king
I serve my king
(C) 2015 Linda A. Long – All Rights Reserved
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I am protective with MBE. I don’t think about it much. It happens instinctually. I act on intuitions and I look out for him❤️ I suppose I want to make sure he knows someone has his back👍❤️
This spurned some racy fantasies about “serving” my king and him being on his back and enjoying the service❤️💋😈😄😉☺️

I also love writing lusty stuff for him. When I see him the next day there’s a little blush in my cheeks, lust in my eye and sway in my hips for him to enjoy. He knows what I am thinking. 😉💋❤️😈

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