Love, Sex & Poetry ~ Edge Of Love

Edges Of Love – Love, Sex & Poetry
By: Linda A. Long

Against your chest
In the circle
Of your energy
I place my body
In the safety
Of your control
All fears into
Our union
I soften
In the light
Of your
Warm eyes
I’m falling deeper
Into you
I tried to stop
The fall
I tried to
Brace myself
And hold on
I tried to
Stop the fall
But one day
I blocked out
The chatter
Of my mind
I tuned into
Your soul
I rode the
Wave of electricity
Flowing from
You to me
Until I grounded myself
On the shores
Of your emotions
Laying in the sand
On the edges
Of love
I heard your heart
Open the door
And invite me in
Resting peacefully
In our sacred space
Is my heart
Vibrating on a frequency
Only you can hear
We speak
Our own language
I hear your heart
Call to me
With my intuition
I sense you
And I write you
These words
To rest your faith in
And steady your resolve
I write these words
During this time
Of change and stress
To nourish and sustain you
Until you lay
Peacefully with me
In tender moments
On the soft sweet
Edges of love
(C) 2015 Linda A. Long – All Rights Reserved
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I had a strong intuition that MBE was needing a soft place to land, a tender moment, some TLC or maybe just needed to know I’ll miss him while he’s away😄❤️💋😘

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