Love, Sex & Poetry ~ Erotica Voice

My Erotic Voice – Love, Sex & Poetry
By: Linda A. Long

Between you and me
There is an
Invisible stream
Of energy
You spark me
And ignite my
Body to vibrate
With lust for
The attention of
Your touch
It is in the
Sacred space
We’ve created
That I create
And write
For you
I write from
The safety
Of your
Words that
Fill my mind
With images of
Me on my knees
With my mouth
Wrapped around you
Tasting the lust
That rises up in you
When our energy meets
Rescue me
From this boredom
And break me free
I need to
Spiral down
All the way
Your body until
I lay naked at your feet
Begging for your attention
Pull me out
Of this mundane
Rabbit hole
And light
My imagination
With the
Tip of your cock
Brushing against my cheek
Teasing me
Onto the verge
Of organismic submission
It is in the stream
Of energy
Passing from you to me
That I find my
Erotic voice
And spread my
Words over you
As I will spread
My legs under you
The sound of
My erotic voice
It only knows
Your name
It whispers
Taste me
It moans
Lick me
It screams out
In ecstasy
Fuck me
Follow the sound of
My erotic voice
It will lead you
To my love
(C) 2015 Linda A. Long – All Rights Reserved
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Just a little erotic poem to keep MBE warm tonight 💋❤️😈😘👍😇

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I just love Johnny Mathis and the words of this song…❤️💋