Love, Sex & Poetry ~ Naked Soul

Naked Soul – Love, Sex & Poetry

By: Linda A. Long
On the curve of
Your smile
My heart feels
The subtle stir
Of sexual chemistry
Our energy
Into a powerful
Sexual energy
Connecting my hips
To your waist
Sexual desire
Inviting your hands
To cup my breasts
And bite my nipples
It’s in this place
Of heighten sexual desire
The most beautiful 
Flower grew from 
The garden between my legs
And unapologetically 
Wrapped around your heart
Wanting your heart
To be the twin flame
To my own
My soul
Breathed in your aroma
And mellowed
My rough edges
Letting down my guard
In the ocean of
Blue waves I ride
 In the depths of your eyes
My soul
Heard your voice
Echo in the 
Deepest chambers
Booming into my fantasies
Dominating me 
In my dreams
As if you pat my ass
When you pass me
My soul
Calls to you
Nuzzle your face 
Into the curve
Of my neck
Touch your mouth
To my skin
And lick the salt
Of sweaty desire
It is my soul
That calls out to you
Do you hear it
Calling your name
Does the restless
Energy of my longing
Make you high
Wanting to stay
A while in this place
Of new beginnings
As two souls
Plan for future
You are pulling me 
Further into your world
I willingly lay open
My mind to the influence
Of your heart’s desire
 My heart recognizes you
Like an old friend
My body vibrates 
With lust for you
As if you were
My lover in a lifetime
Before now
Not long until 
You are lying 
Between my legs
And resting 
on my breasts
After you
Dominate and possess
My sexuality
It’s your soul that 
Calls to me
And strips me naked
I lay bare
In the curve 
of your smile
And leave my naked soul
In the palm of your hands
My naked soul
Is in the 
Palm of your hands
(C) 2015 Linda A. Long – All Rights Reserved

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Note: I’ve noticed MBE smiles a lot more than he used to. I like it❤️ I was thinking how much I like his smile and how much I love when we have our little secret moments. This thing we got going is a lot of fun and I have a feeling it’s just going to keep getting better & better as we get closer❤️💋

On another note,I think I finally got my SEO rankings working on Google. My hit count was 50-100 per day. In the last month or so it’s been 100-250. I get a lot of traffic from the Art I post. Hopefully, visitors stop and read some poetry while on my Site. I’m not worried about getting comments or likes on my posts. That’s just a ego thing. I don’t based my life on comments & likes. But, it is still a dream of mine to get paid to write😄👍❤️ Writing is one of my passions. Yoga, drumming, nutrition & MBE being the others😉 Of course, not in that order. He’s #1😉❤️💋
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