Cleaning Out My Head 

This is just a random post. It’s like a journal entry to help clear some space in my head to allow my creativity to rise to the surface. When my brain is focused on business stuff, it’s very hard for me to switch gears and be creative. For some reason this week I’ve been in a “I’m getting shit done mood.” Almost like I’m channeling a commanding energy. I’m usually more balanced. But the last few days I feel very stuck in my logical brain with little opportunity to visualize, dream and fantasize. It’s irritating the shit out of me. I’m struggling to walk this line between both sides of my soul. I struggle to suppress the logical thoughts to allow myself the luxury of drifting effortlessly into a fantasy. Some days I am better at skating back and forth between the two parts of my being. Some days I can allow space for both sides of my personality to peacefully coexist and flourish. Other days it’s one or the other. More times than not the logical part of my brain dominates because it’s how I make a living. Those 40 or so hours a week can tap me out of creativity and often keep me from my more passionate pursuits. Hopefully tomorrow my brain will be relaxed and free to write. 😄👍❤️


The song on this post was in my head today. I’ve always been a simple girl. By simple I mean “grounded”, down to earth. I’ve been called a “salt of the Earth” type of person. That’s what I mean by simple. I’m usually drawn to men with that same quality. MBE has that simple/every man quality. It’s one of the qualities I like the most about him.
Photo Credit Sageword Facebook Page