Love, Sex & Poetry ~ In The Sand

In The Sand – Love, Sex & Poetry
By: Linda A. Long

If I wrote
I love you
On the beach
Of your heart
The tide
Of my love
Would wash through
Your body
And ride the
Majestic blue seas
Of your eyes
Into the depths
Of my soul
The words
I love you
Would course
Through your veins
And nourish you
From the tips
Of your limbs
To deepest part
Of your being
My love would
Be all you need
My love would
Shine its light
Into your heart’s
Hidden caverns
and bring
Joy to where
Sadness once lived
If I wrote
I love you
On the sand
Of your soul
My love would
Spiral a protective shield
Around you
And keep you
Safe from harm
My love would
Be your shelter
My love would
Be your haven
If I wrote
I love you
With a shell
Into the beach
Of your heart
I would leave you
A promise
From my heart
To yours
My heart will always
Beat in tandem
With yours
My soul
Will always
Recognize you
As its mate
I write
I Love You
In the sand
As a sign
From God
That you are
You are Loved
(C) 2015 Linda A. Long – All Rights Reserved
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I saw the below photo on Instagram of the words I Love You written in the sand. I didn’t think much of it when i saw it. But, I guess it was in my subconscious. While I was participating in an online meeting today, I was sitting at my Dining Room table looking at the ocean. As if lightening to my creative soul, MBE’s voice wrapped around my mind and pulled these words out of me after I logged off. Thanks! It was just what my creative spirit needed.

My favorite Dave Matthews song is below. “Crush” is a very sensual sexy song😉 Makes me think of MBE❤️💋😈😄👍😇🙏 

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