Love, Sex & Poetry ~ Moonshine

Moonshine – Love, Sex & Poetry
By: Linda A. Long

I’m feeling
Your anxiety
And I need to tell you
It’s ok
It’s really ok
It’s going to
Work out for us
I see it
In my visions
I feel it in our vibration
Do you know
I naturally gravitate to you
If you are in a room
My body automatically
Adjusts itself
To face you
If I hear your voice
I find it hard
To hide the smile
That tries to
Sneak across
My face
You pull me
To you
Your energy
Commands my
Almost two years ago
To this day
We sat in the same restaurant
Very close to each other
It was that night
I knew
Something changed between us
It was that night
I felt my heart started
To beat again
With desire, lust
Lust grew into like
And like is becoming love
It was that night
You crushed me
Into your soul
It was that night
I started to fall
Into the brilliant
Blue seas of your
Majestic eyes
And found my own
Weary heart start beating again
I gave up on love
I closed my heart
Out of fear of
Loss & pain
But that night
Almost two years ago
To this day
In the same restaurant
We were in last night
I sensed you
And knew
Life as we knew it
Would change
There are no guarantees
In life
But rest assured
I don’t make
Empty promises
And I don’t give
My heart & soul
Without hesitation
I know & understand
Our reality
But I also sense
The promise
Of our future
I can’t promise you
Anything will be easy
But I can promise you
You’ll have a friend
Lover and your biggest fan
Right by your side
Holding your hand
When you sit
At a table with me
In a restaurant
You will not be
Looking around
The room for anyone
Because love
Will be in your heart
And everything you
Want and need will be
Sitting next to you
Holding your hand
I will be the one
Lost in the moonshine
Of your beautiful eyes
Needing the comfort
Of your hand
To calm my social anxieties
We need each other
My love
The choices are
Yours to make now
As for me
The choice is made
It’s you
(C) 2015 Linda A. Long – All Rights Reserved
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I believe our Guides & Angels give us signs. We just have to be open, aware and ready to receieve their messages.

The numbers 11:11 have spiritual significance. When you find yourself looking at the clock at 11:11 or any sequential number, your Angels & Guides are talking to you & trying to give you a message. You can Google this to read about this phenomenon.
These little signs & signals happen to me all the time. I routinely hear doorbells in my sleep. I hear loud squeaking noise in my sleep, I was told by a Medium, my Angels are talking to me subconsciously when that stuff happens. I’m very open to the dialogue.

Since last night I’ve been getting a pretty strong MBE vibe. I was thinking I wanted to reassure him for some reason but didn’t exactly know how. I wanted to just say the words that are in this poem to him❤️👍😄 I was driving around today doing errands and buying birthday presents for three family members. While I was thinking about this poem and the words, MBE flashed in my mind’s eye. I looked at the clock and it was 11:11am👍😄❤️👏🙏

I’m a big fan of Frank and would love to “fly” to the Moon with my MBE✈️😄❤️💋😘

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