Love, Sex & Poetry ~ Oasis

Let me be
Your Oasis
Sleep sweetly in
The comfort
Of the warm blankets
On my bed
Before sunrise
I’ll press my
Bare breasts
Against your
Naked chest
To feel my nipples
On your warm skin
As my lips
Softly kiss your cheek
I’ll whisper in your ear
Wake up
Wake up
My love
It’s time
To make love to me
The wetness between
My legs aches
For your forceful
Wake up and
Pull my naked body
Into your arms
And lose yourself
In the comfort
Of my hips
Lush with nourishment
For your soul
Dwell inside of me
On a lazy morning
Until I erupt
Into orgasm
And scream your name
Lie back
My love
As I straddle your hips
And use you
For you own enjoyment
My breasts will bounce
As my hips
Find a rhythm
With you pushing
Deep inside me
Our eyes meet
Like lightening
You bring me to
Orgasm again
Wake up
Wake up
My love
I need to
Feel you inside
Of me
Bend me over
And take your
Pleasure from behind me
In the early morning hours
Onto the soft sheets
With me
When you finish
Stay with me
In our oasis
I want you
To stay with me
Forever in our
(C) 2015 Linda A. Long – All Rights Reserved
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MBE is out of town👎but he was vividly on my mind😈💋It was late in the afternoon when I found myself having the most vivid erotic fantasy about waking him up with my naked body early in the morning to have sex. I sleep naked so I am usually naked in bed. If he was tuning into me this afternoon, he definitely had to be feeling some heat🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥Good thing I wasn’t thinking out loud😉💋❤️

I just love this Ed Sheeran song “Thinking Out Loud” 💋❤️😈😘👍😇

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