Love, Sex & Poetry ~ Deep Love


Deep Love – Love, Sex & Poetry
By: Linda A. Long

I want spiritual love
With you
I need
The deepest connection
To your soul
Anything on the surface
Won’t be enough for me
Will you dive deep
Into the ocean
Of our love
And source your
Own spiritual growth
Through our attachment
I need to
See your Soul
In the flash of your eyes
And know
I found a kindred spirit
A spirit capable of
Steadying my nerves
Calming my anxiety
And tuning into my needs
By just looking
Into my eyes
I need to
Hear your heart’s true calling
In my ear like
The beat of a drum
And feel my own
Heartbeat sync with yours
I need to
Feel your energy
Circle my body when
You are near me
Intuitively I
Bow in loving
Submission to the affect
Your vibration
Has on my spirit
I bow to your
In loving submission
I need to
Touch your deepest wounds
And heal them
With my love
I need to
Whisper love
Down to the
Tips of your toes
Until your body
Radiates the
White light of my love
I can’t be on the surface
With you
I must lose myself
In the flavor
Of your manhood
And dance
With reckless abandon
With you inside of me
I must be possessed
By our love
I must be yours
No holding back
No hiding
No running away
From the intensity
Of our flame
Burn your essence into
My being
Marking the soft skin
Of my breasts
As your territory
I must be your territory
It’s the only
Way I will be
In love
With you
I need to be
In Deep love
With you
(C) 2015 Linda A. Long – All Rights Reserved
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MBE💞💘Yesterday I was moved to write a dirty sex poem. Today I’m moved to write a love poem.

I read an article about Sufism And The Four Layers Of The Heart. When I read it, it was clear to me that I am a deep connector. Surface relationships aren’t enough for me. I want the deepest most spiritually profound love & I’m willing to work for it. I’m willing to give myself to our love 💋😉😈🙀🔥💋❤️😄👍
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I’ve always loved the song by Joni Mitchell