Love, Sex & Poetry ~ Yummy Delicious


Yummy Delicious – Love, Sex & Poetry
By: Linda A. Long

You look
Making my mouth water
As you pass by
Come closer
Just a little closer
I’d like to take
A sinful little nibble
Just a nibble
Won’t you let me nibble
On you
For a secret moment
You look absolutely
My eyes glisten
With anticipation
Of your lips to mine
Later your lips
Will be to mine
I want to taste
In my mouth
And let your juice run
Down my cheek
You look delicious
More delicious than
A hamburger
I would rather
See you than a hamburger
I would rather eat you
Than a hamburger
You make the appetite
Between my legs grow
Sneak over here
For just a moment
And let me nibble
I’ll savor our little secret
You are mine
I’ll savor you
You’re yummy deliciousness
You look juicy
You look mouth watering juicy
I am juicy for you
Slide your hand
Between my legs
Feel my desire
On your hand
Lick your fingers
You make me juicy
You are so delicious
You are yummy delicious
(C) 2015 Linda A. Long – All Rights Reserved
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Inspiration for naughty erotic poems can come from the simpliest and most innocent exchange if you have a good connection with someone and an exceptionally dirty mind😈👍

MBE told me today he was going to give someone a picture of a hamburg for his headshot photo🍔 😄He’s a comedian; I try not to laugh on purpose😄😄 Sometimes it’s hard to maintain composure & not give him a laugh😄 I do adore his silliness😄😄I hestitated when he made the hamburger comment because I almost replied “but you’re so much cuter than a hamburger”☺️💋. I hestitated because it was a public venue and no one needs to know our business but us😉👍 If we were alone or in a room privately, I would have said it, winked and played a bit😉 Then I would walk away swinging my hips while he watches me from behind. I love when he does that💋🔥😈

Some people want to be his best friend while another wants to think they are the “teachers pet.” I, however,strive to serve a different purpose for him. I strive to be an intellectual equal, a trusted, supportive friend and someone who helps him be his best😄😉👍. But,most importantly, I strive to be the woman who makes the day interesting by making him a little horny and maybe even sparking a little hard-on when we are near each other😉❤️😈🔥😇❤️

Now, about the music…I downloaded a lot of Etta James music recently. I can’t get enough of her. “Spoonful” and “I just want to make love to you” are awesome and would be good music to strip to for MBE💋😈❤️🔥😇

PS: I found myself stopping at Red Robin for a Cheeseburger after my appointment tonight 😄😄I’m very suseptible to the power of suggestion👍😄🍔

Photo Credit
Paul Sutton