Love, Sex & Poetry ~ Future Of Lust

Love, Sex & Poetry ~ Future Of Lust
By: Linda A. Long

There’s a quiet energy
That passes between
You and me
When we are near each other
It opens my legs
In quiet submission
To your masculine power
Yielding to the force
Of the femininity
The throbs deep
Within until
I am wet
It’s the energy
That passes between
The two of us
That creates a force field
Of sexual wanting
A knowing of desire
An electrified
Unspoken agreement
Between us
That fills the air
Between my breasts
With the intensity of lust
Our intensity
It made me nervous
In the beginning
Almost anxious
With excitement
Nervous with embarrassment that
That my face would
Show the lusty intentions
That ached quietly
Between my legs
For morsel of your attention
The glance of your eye
The engagement of you
In the erotic world
Of my thoughts
And poetry
As time has passed
I’ve grown Accustomed
To the affects of
Our intensity on my body
I must confess
Your presence nourishes me
I’m not a talkative person
I could sit without
Saying a word out loud all day
But, somehow
You hear me
You hear my thoughts
And know I need you
Your body
Leans into the me
I feel your warmth
Rise up thighs
And wet me with desire
I feel your spirit lift
In the connection
As my quiet words
Fall on your lips
In a private kiss
Of acknowledgement
That you are
The lightening to my spine
I hear your pace quicken
With a spark
From the private space
We’ve created with
Each other
In our very public world
I see
I see a future
In the blue of your eyes
Where I am
The very best
I am capable of being
And you are
The center of
My world
Splitting my legs open
And burning your
Name into me
On the tip of your manhood
I see a future
Where you are supported
Loved and admired
And I write you
My desires
With my nipples
On your chest
I see a future
Where my hand
Belongs resting
In the warmth
Of your palm
Losing myself
In the blue
Of your eyes
I wrestle
Today with impatience
Because the future
I see for us
Is so beautiful
I want it
I want you
I want
The future of lust
(C) 2015 Linda A. Long – All Rights Reserved
Life is best when lived passionately
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I looked at MBE today and saw the future. I heard him speak today and knew he was pulling words out of me. As my mind drifted for a moment, I took a couple minutes to grab my phone & write the first couple lines of this poem. I wrote just enough to give me a prompt to pick it up & finish tonight. I learned when I’m sparked & I start hearing words in my head I need to stop and at least scribe a line or two as a mental bookmark. Then I can go back to whatever I am doing.

The moment made me giggle to myself and blush a bit☺️ Just as I was finishing the sentence & getting ready to put my phone down, MBE walked by on his way somewhere quickly. We looked at each other. I may have jumped a little because his timing was almost psychic and felt like he caught me in the act of writing about opening my legs for him in quiet submission 🔥💋☺️😈 I almost felt like he knew what I was thinking or maybe wondering if I was writing him something☺️

The music is The Fugees with Lauryn Hill singing “Killing Me Softly”

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