Love, Sex & Poetry ~ Preppy Muse

Love, Sex & Poetry ~ Preppy Muse
By: Linda A. Long

Spin me something
Erotically delicious
With your thoughts
And tell me a
Naughty tale
A tale
You only tell
To me
In the words
Of your fantasies
The most primitive part
Of my being
And let the whore
That lives
In the deepest part
Of my soul
Loose with
Wetness for you
You make me wet
My preppy blue eyed muse
I’m waiting
In our secret fantasy world
I need you to
Command me
With the dominance
Of a powerful lover
Would you like to
Bend me over your desk
What erotic game
Will we play today
As my eyes meet yours
I know
You hear me
As I purr for you
Seduce me
As if you are
A warrior returning
From battle
And I’m your
Insatiable nymph
Fuck me
In your ear
It’s so loud
You hear it
As if
I am standing
Next to you
Only you can
Hear me say
Fuck me
Like you own me
My Muse
Fuck me
Like you own me
I purr for you
Brand my body
With your signature
So there is no
You are my
I see
Under the preppy
Blue Oxford
Is the heart
Of a man
That beats
Wildly for the
Catch of my eye
I hear your cock
As you walk by
Calling to me
Come unbutton
My shirt
And place
Your hand on my chest
Just for a moment
Before you slide
To your knees
In front of me
Unzip my Khakis
To reveal
My lust for you
I’ll brush your
Hair away from
Your eyes
Just to
Look down at your
Big brown eyes
And watch
As I slide in and out
Of your mouth
He said,
“And the value of the
Work Breakdown Structure is”
That quick
With the click
Of a slide
On the screen
I’m back in my reality
Waiting patiently
To finish my fantasy
And write this
Naughty poem
For my preppy muse
(C) 2015 Linda A. Long – All Rights Reserved
Life is best when lived passionately
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I’ve been in a training class this week. My thoughts drifted a couple times. MBE has been looking really cute. I like the preppy look on him. I could lick him like a lollipop🍭😉💋❤️😈🔥😇

The Music is Alicia Keys “If I Aint Got You”

Photo Credit:
Sageword Facebook Page