Poetry – Who Are You

Poetry – Who Are You?
By: Linda A. Long

Heart of sorrows
I carried you
As if you were
My child
I protected you
I sheltered you
Heartache still
Knocked on my door
Love still
Broke my heart
People still died
Heroes still
Betrayed my body
Heroines still
Tried to break me
All of the attacks
I tried to prevent
Still happened
They still happened
There were times
When I laid
Down my sword
I was tired
Weary from
Constantly having
To stand up
When others chose
To lay down
There have been times
When I closed my eyes
Because I couldn’t
Handle seeing the truth
It’s not easy
Being a warrior
It’s not easy
Finding courage
When you your
Heart pounds
With fear
I am a natural
Born warrior
I don’t give up
While I may
Lay down and rest
My head
And I may
Tell myself
That I am done
I know at the end
Of the day
I will rise up
And fight again
You can choose
To be defeated
Or you can chose
To go down fighting
I know which
One I am
I know who
I am
Do you
Who are you
(C) 2015 Linda A. Long – All Rights Reserved
Life is best when lived passionately
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This is a work in process. I may rewrite it. I wrote it while waiting in a surgical center to have an outpatient procedure.

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