I Love Coupons

I love coupons👍😄 One day in the future I shall nonchalantly slip this into MBE’s hand one day out of the blue while we are being very serious☺️ Just to have a little fun and see his reaction😉 ☺️ When he redeems it, I’ll keep it. I’ll use it during one of my orgasmic emergencies at a surprise time & location😄😉😈 It can be a little game we can play to keep things spicy😈🔥💋🙀😇  

I’m feeling very tired today. But, apparently I still have the energy to do some  planning – some wickedly delicious planning of sexual activities for the future with MBE😉 I’m a planner by nature; he knows that😉 He has some exciting times to look forward to. I guarantee that👍😄🔥

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