Sugar Sugar Candy Girl 

Hello. My name is Linda and apparently I have been a Sugar Addict for a long time. I really had no clue. Being a Sugar Addict doesn’t have the same stigma as being an Alcoholic or a Drug Addict. It’s almost a joke to think my drug of choice is Chocolate Mousse Cake, a cookie, Red Sour Patch Kids, and, yes, Venti Nonfat Chai Lattes☕️😄 But, now that I am in the tenth day of my Sugar Detox I see things clearly. And, believe me, I’m feeling the withdrawal symptoms. Sugar Rehab maybe have been a good choice👍

I see now that my love affair with Sugar started a long time but not in the forms of candy or cakes. While I don’t remember being a huge fan of sweets when I was a child, I do vividly remember finding beer as a teenager. There’s nothing like a cold beer on a Friday night or Tuesday afternoon. I really liked beer for a long time. But there’s no sugar in beer, right?

My palate matured in my 30s and I found wine. I never liked the cheap-ass sweet fake wine, White Zinfandel. My wine aficionado days started the moment my former roommate put a glass of expensive buttery Chardonnay in my hand. As my love of wine grew, I became a red wine snob. 🍷 I liked delicious spicy dry Reds. Argentine Malbec wines were my favorite. But, there is no sugar in red wine, right? It’s dry not sweet. Well, that’s what I told myself anyway.

I wasn’t eating cake, cookies or candy. But, I was having a couple glasses of wine every night to unspin my brain and decompress. By 3pm the cravings started and I knew by 6pm I would be into my second delicious glass and savoring every minute of my indulgence. A few years ago having a couple glasses of wine every night didn’t seem like indulgence to me. It was just a way of life. Everyone did it. It’s a socially acceptable norm for people to come home and uncork a new bottle of wine they haven’t tried yet. And, wine is good for your heart, right? Wine is not Sugar. It’s better for you than Beer because it doesn’t have Carbs. For that matter, a shot of Tequila is better for you than beer because it doesn’t have carbs.

Let me keep it real for the drinkers out there. It doesn’t matter if your drink of choice is no carb or low carb, Alcohol adversely affects blood sugar. There is plenty of scientific evidence to prove it. I was telling myself lies.

Do you see where I am going with this? Whether I was ignorant by choice, willfully blind or just basking in the sun on the Isle of Denial, I was really very clueless and bit reckless with my body. Back in those days, I was willing to party hard and take drugs to offset whatever ailed me. There are meds for everything now. You can live the worse lifestyle, be 50lbs over-weight but still have perfect blood tests because of the wonders of the pharmaceutical industry.

Three and half years ago, I made a conscious choice to clean up my act and set my course on a new future. I quit drinking Alcohol and smoking cigarettes on the same day. I decided that day to take responsibility for my sick body and own my shit. I sat in the middle of the storm in my life and chose a new future. Honestly, I don’t miss smoking or drinking. I do miss the flavor of wine. But the flavor of wine will never taste as good healthy feels. I remember that everyday. When I quit drinking, I picked up a bitch of a sweet tooth. In came the new nickname, Chocolate Mousse Girl, at the local gluten free bakery🍰☺️🙀

Almost four years later, I’ve put on a couple pounds, I’ve been having hormonal issues, I’ve lost some hair and slowly my body was trying to tell me something. It was telling me my hormones were messed up and I needed a hysterectomy. Lol😄 That’s right! Let’s do surgery instead of doing that Glucose Tolerance Blood test three hours after eating a meal, Doc! 😄 Really, I’m good with that. Well, I was good with that until a Doctor tricked me; She took an un-fasted blood test on the spot in her office which revealed Hypoglycemia which is a pre-diabetic condition. That bitch called me Insulin Resistant. 😄 She had to be wrong.

Well, the bitch gave me a protocol to follow, asked me to have few other tests and come back in early May or June for followup. It wasn’t until two weeks ago when I started having a flare-up of pelvic pain that I revisited her comments about sugar affecting hormonal balance. She told me too much Insulin, which is a hormone, can throw all hormones out of balance.

I took a five mile walk on the boardwalk and walked home eating like ten pounds of Red Sour Patch Kids and Swedish Fish. When I got home, I threw out what remained in the bag and started Sugar Detox. The first five or six days were fairly easy. But, since Saturday I’ve fighting a war of wills between the angel and devil. The Devil is having intense sugar cravings and saying, “sugar, sugar, oh, honey, honey, you are my candy girl….” 😄😈 And the Angel is saying “you won’t beat me bitch!”😇

My doctor told me if I absolutely needed a sugar/candy fix , a small piece of 88% Dark Chocolate is fine as it is very low in sugar and has health benefits. I have indulged once or twice. I am experiencing some crazy physical issues. I read the sugar withdrawal symptoms are no joke. I’m dealing with it by drinking lots of fresh Ginger Tea and using Wild Alaskan Caught Salmon Oil & Tumeric to fight inflammation in my body. I’m also taking Natural Calm Magnesium Powder at bedtime. It’s been helping me sleep. All in all I’m getting through it. Detox can’t last forever. Thank God. I got this! I’m doing it like a boss…

As of right now, I’m not using any refined sugars😇 I’m not drinking anything sweet😓 I’m not eating any dessert or candy. I’ve only had a piece of dark chocolate twice. I’m only eating Complex Carbs instead of Simple Carbs(See graphic below). I’m eating fruit. And, I will allow myself a piece of cake and some indulgence as a treat once in a while. But, sugar doesn’t tastes as good as healthy balanced hormones will eventually feel. That’s a fact. And that’s why I’m doing this.
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