Love, Sex & Poetry ~ Like A Boss

Love, Sex & Poetry ~ Like A Boss
By: Linda A. Long

Spun around my hips
His words
Wrapped around my hips
Like bondage
To the wetness
That rested in
The place of my desire
Like a boss
He made my arousal
Rise to his command
Blushing with
The hardness of my nipples
Hidden yet stimulated
He slowly pulls
On my thread
And releases
Our passions
In the smallest exchange
He arouses me
Like a boss
Fuck me
Like a boss
I whisper to his
Most primal desire
I want you to
I say it
With my eyes
You have been
Making me wet
All day long
I serve the King
With the energetic force
Of his presence
I see his desires
As they stir
My juices
My mind flashes images
Of me
Looking him straight
In the eyes then
Slowly slipping
My panties down
Unzipping his trousers
Pushing him down on to a chair
Lifting my skirt up
Over my hips
And riding him
Riding him
Like a boss
Like a fucking boss
(C) 2015 Linda A. Long – All Rights Reserved
Life is best when lived passionately
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I enjoyed today😉💋❤️😈🔥 MBE🔥

Also, I felt good. Nothing hurt. Sugar Withdrawal is tapering off. I had a craving & a bit of a headache late afternoon but it wasn’t too bad👍

I was driving when this poem came to me. I pulled over and wrote the beginning to just get out of my head👍

The music is “Cowboy” from Kid Rock. I love this song. I remember seeing Kenny Chesney at the Linc a few years. When he sang this song, Kid Rock joined him on stage and stadium went berserk😄😄 I’m not huge country music fan. But, country music concerts are a fun especially when they add some rock. I’m going to another country concert next Friday night. Two of my nieces are coming down to my house & we are seeing Florida Georgia Line at Boardwalk Hall. The funny thing is I could not tell you one song they sing. But, the girls really them and wanted to come down the shore for the weekend. So, I am going to see Florida Georgia Line with them😄👍

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