Sugar, Sugar, Candy Girl ~ Part Two ~(REVISED)

I rode the Tram Car on the AC Boardwalk today. The Jitney drives like 100mph down Pacific Ave. The Tram Car drives like 5 mph on the Boarwalk. It was sloowwww. I could have walked quicker😄😄

I’m sitting on the third floor of The Pier in Atlantic City, NJ waiting for an appointment at the Apple Store Genius Bar. Since the iOS 8.02 upgrade on my 5C, Safari Browser has been hanging up & I’m getting a download error message on my iPad Air. Both worked fine before the “upgrade”. If it’s way of trying force people to buy the iPhone 6, sorry I’m not interested in paying $300 for a phone AT&T will give me for $100 in September. When Apple Texts me to come back, I’ll pause this blog & resume after the appointment is over. Now for the Sugar update…

I drove up to Philly for an appointment with the Reproducitve Endocrinologist. The drive up was enjoyable. I hit no traffic. I always make my appointments in the city at 11:00am to avoid rush hour. I enjoyed the view of the city on the Schuykill Expressway so much I missed the Vine Street Expressway exit and didn’t even notice until I got to the Philly Zoo. I took the West River Drive back into the city which has a fanstastic view of the city as well.

The Doctor’s appointment was interesting. It’s looking more like my blood sugar & Insulin levels spiking and crashing have been causing my hormonal issues. The Doctor told me a Hystectomy or any invasive procedure is off the table until we see how my body responds to the new diet. She said it could take six months to a year for the dust to settle. But we should have a good indication in another three months. In six months, the multiple Ovarian Cyst and missed periods may not be a problem because stabilized blood sugar should help both or I could already be in Menopause😄 I’m hoping for the later😉

I learned yesterday that there are Insulin Receptors on the Ovaries. High levels of Insulin in the body will cause Ovarian Cysts & interfer with Ovulation. While I wasn’t perscribe any medicine, I was given the following advice:

    Take a 1/2 teaspoon of Cinnamon daily, preferably sprinkled throughout the day. It controls blood sugar and Insulin spikes.
    I was also told to continue the low sugar low simple carb diet.
    High Quality Organic Dark Chocolate in small portions is ok because it’s low in sugar and high in nutrients.

The doctor also told me caffeine is off limits. It spikes blood sugar. Decaf may do it too. I told her I’m NOT giving up coffee but will be sure to drink decaf.Also, I may need another Bladder Scope in a few months after we see what happens with diet changes.

The Doctor gave me a prescription for a Pelvic Ultrasound for the future. She wants me to wait after next week to do it to see if I get a period. If the pelvic pain nags on for too long or if the crazy bad pain i had last week returns, she wants me to try & get the ultrasound while I have the intense pain. She thinks the pain I had last week was actually a cyst on my left ovary rupturing but since the pain subsided, no use having an unnecassary test.

It blows my mind that my blood sugar and insulin are the source of my gynocological issues. But, but knowing it, I feel empowered. I can do something about this. I can do something really good for myself by learning to eat appropriately for someone with blood sugar issues. I don’t need surgery and it’s not life threatening. It’s Sugar. Just sugar. I’ll survive without it.

I had dinner with my best friend last night. We do a one to one dinner once a month. It was wonderful, as always. She finished Chemo a few months ago. She told me last night she had a Pet Scan on Wednesday. There are a few new spots on her Lungs. She sees the Oncologist at Fox Chase which is a few blocks from my Mom’s house in Philly, on Monday. We decided to think good positive thoughts. She feels good and looks great; Nothing like when she was first diagnosed with Cancer two years ago. We agreed to not call the spots Cancer unless the Oncologist says that’s what is. She was diagnosed with Peritoneal Cancer two years ago. Peritoneal Cancer is a female cancer that is especially aggressive and often diagnosed late stage. She has been beating the odds thus far. It’s in God’s hands to ensure she continues to do so.

Just spent two hours in the Apple Store. The boy genius wiped both devices clean and reinstalled my backup. The problems should be corrected. However, the workaround for the phone issue is to use the Chrome App as my browser instead of Safari because Chrome didn’t have a load issue on 5C. If the problem comes back on the iPad, I’ll have to reset it as a new device and not reinstall a backup but recreate instead.
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