Love, Sex & Poetry ~ Inside

Love, Sex & Poetry ~ Inside
By: Linda A. Long

It must in the way
Your flame licks
Licks the embers
Of the erotic intentions
Resting between my legs
Spurning images in my mind
Creating dialog in my head
Making my body crave you
Like sugar at 3pm
In the afternoon
Craving your attention
Look at me
With those beautiful eyes
Pull the rising heat
Inside of me
Into you
Talk to me
My legs quiver with lust
Float with me
On the river of wetness
Between my legs
Created by our desire
Relax into the place
Of you in me
As we wrap
Around each other
And entwine our worlds
I’ll nourish your desire
Inside of me
It must be in the way
My breasts swell with
Passion from the exchange
Of your eyes to mine that
Opens me
Without reservation
To all of your nuances
Our the tapestry of
Passion we’ve nurtured
Over time
Trusting you
Without hesitance
It must be in the way
Your eyes spun my soul
To create for you
That ignites my mind
With images
Of your body wrapped
Around mine
The core of my
Sexual being responds
To your movement
As if you are
Fanning the flame
The flame of lust
From you to me
Intentionally setting a fire
Inside the wetness
Between my legs
It must be in the way
We are moving closer
To each other
That makes my lust
For you burn brighter
Burn brighter
Shooting from my nipples
To your lips
Leaving you with a kiss
Until you burn
Burn inside of me
Until you are
Inside of me
(C) 2015 Linda A. Long – All Rights Reserved
Life is best when lived passionately
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Sometimes you just need a guy on inside for a devilious plan to work😉😈💋❤️🔥

“Here Comes My Girl” by Tom Petty would be a good soundtrack for MBE to hear in his head when he sees me😉😄

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