Love, Sex & Poetry ~ Reborn

Love, Sex & Poetry ~ Reborn
By: Linda A. Long

Nuzzling my face
Into the soft spot
Of exposed skin
I taste your skin
And feel
Your chest hair
Against my face
Wetness in the
Simplest of exchanges
You ignite the
Evolution to my soul
And drive me
Into the insanity
Of our shared visions
I feel your heartbeat
Saying my name
As I rest
My hand
On your chest
And feel
Your chest hair
In my fingers
Answering your call
I linger slowly
Ever so slowly
I bow to the intoxication
I feel drowsy
In the drunkenness
Of your masculinity
Over my soul
And close my eyes
As my head spins
With sensual delight
In gratitude
For the erotic words
I feel traveling
From my wet vagina
To the tip of my wet lips
You returned words
To my being
Lost in the nuances of life
I lost my voice
Of passion
But I found my words
I found my erotica
In the soft blue flash
Of you that strikes like
Lightening through
My eyes
Sending a message
To the deepest part
Of my sexual goddess
Calling to you
My God
To serve with me
At the altar
Of our lustful and desires
You put the sex
Back into my words
And swung them
On my hips
Until you
Licked me deliciously wet
In the simplest exchange
I am reborn
I am erotically reborn
In the magic
Of our spiritually
Intoxicating connection
I am reborn
Through you
With legs spread open
To relinguish
All control
Into your hands
I receive you
I am reborn
In the power
Of our exchange
I receive you
I am reborn
(C) 2015 Linda A. Long – All Rights Reserved
Life is best when lived passionately
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Praise God my mojo is back😈❤️💋And it returned in the simplest exchange with MBE. As we spoke, I noticed his chest hair poking through the opening of his beautiful blue golf shirt. In a split second, I felt a flash of heat between my legs. I turned around almost giddy with wetness☺️ Poetry was about to explode out of me. I had to control myself as to not chase after him and hug him💋😈❤️

I knew evetually my mojo would come back. I just needed to move some emotional baggage out of the way to let sexual creativity come through.

Music: I love Kid Rock’s cover of “Feel Like Making Love”❤️😈💋🔥 I think MBE & & I need to put “The Mile High Club” on our joint to do list for obvious reasons ✈️ Watch the video 😈😉 You will see why I mention it😉

Photo Credit:
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