Love, Sex & Poetry ~ Serendipity

Love, Sex & Poetry ~ Serendipity
By: Linda A. Long

Speak to me
From the depths
Of your passion
I promise
I will hear your voice
I will follow it
As it leads me
Down into the
Center of your universe
I’ll will lay naked on
The floor of your world
With my arms and legs open
To feel the weight
Of your body
On top of mine
I will press my ear
Against the wall of your soul
From this distance
And listen to
The pattern of your speech
As it
Regulates my heart rhythm
And syncs it up
With yours
Whisper to me
In the naked hush
Of this genuine love
We found
I will lay open and ready
To glide into your
Dreams tonight
On the wings
Of our spirit guides
As the Angels
Open our eyes and hearts
To our future
Together we will
Push against
The old paradigms
We will breathe new
Breadth into each other
With each kiss
To my lips
You will motivate me
I ask you to
And grow with me
Call out to me tonight
Shout across the waters
And lay yourself
Peacefully in the reassurance
Our deepening trust
Spinning around each other
Your world is
My new comfort zone
I am where I belong
Near you
You are where you belong
Near me
We were meant
To find each other
For a reason
I’m called by a power
Deep within me
To follow the sound
The sound
I now know is your heart
Beating with mine
It gets louder
As I get closer
Until the moment
I look into
Your beautiful blue eyes
My nipples raise
To your attention
I’ve surrendered myself
To the union
Our destinies
Come grow with me
Stretch to the limit
Of our capabilities
Free fall
Free fall into kismet
I’m finally ready
I am ready and excited
Are you ready
For the
That found us
Sometimes you find
The best things
When you are not
Looking for them
(C) 2015 Linda A. Long – All Rights Reserved
Life is best when lived passionately
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Well this poem started coming to me as I walked six miles on the Boardwalk this afternoon. I was actually thinking that MBE’s Public Speaking skills are a gift he should show off more. I hope he gets the chance in the future to show them off more because he’s really quite good & connects with his audience well. Maybe he can do TED talks😀

I was thinking about this because I hate Public Speaking. I took a course in it in college & dropped it because I couldn’t give my first oral presentation without coming close to passing out with anxiety. As a natural introvert being in front of so many people is very stressful to me.

It struck me today that MBE and I are total opposites in so many ways. Yet, we seem to be wildly attracted to each other and good for each other. We compliment each others skill set and fill in what the other doesn’t have. That makes us a good team. I guess opposites do attract.Not sure where we will end up. But, the ever growing mutual appreciation is quite beguiling😀😁😈💋❤️🔥🙏

Music: I seem to be on a Kid Rock kick lately😀 This one is a love song with Sheryl Crow, “Collide”

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