Pennies From Heaven

It’s a common belief by spiritual practioners that finding coins in your path is actually Spirit communicating with you. I remember hearing that a long time ago. But, I forgot about it until just recently.

It’s been my practice to use my strong instincts and intuitive nature to make important decisions for myself. I find I’m happier this way and I make better decisions. Additionally, I’ve noticed in the last year that my intuitive gifts and my abilities to receive messages from Spirit has stregthened. A good friend who is a professional Psychic told me it’s because I’m open to them and they know I hear them. She also told me I’ve always had the gift. I just never really accepted it, trusted it or nurtured it. In the last year, I’ve been nurturing it and have noticed it strengthening.

In recent weeks I’ve been feeling like big changes are coming in my life. It almost feels like God is getting me ready for something. Choices are being laid before me and I’ve been called to trust my ability to make good decisions.

Last Monday morning I asked my deceased sister, Sandy, a question related to work. I said to her, “Give me a sign. Yes or no. I need a yes or no. Then I’ll know what to do.” The question I asked was “Am I meant to be here – in this place, doing this work and with this man?”

Around 10:00am I found a brand new shiney 2015 Penny with Heads facing up under my work chair. I rolled over it. At first I didn’t think much about it and then I remembered Pennies From Heaven😉 My Psychic friend told me earlier this year that 2015 was a big year for me and someone close to me. Big changes; good changes. She told me my whole life would change for the better by the end of this year. I took the 2015 Penny as confirmation of what she said. I also intrepreted finding it on Heads as, “Yes, you are meant to be there, doing that work, in that place with that man.” 😄👍

In the last of couple months a few friends have been encouraging me to buy a condo in the building I live in now. I love it here. But, I’ve been reluctant to buy as I feel like more is coming to me. The last week I let my rational mind control me. I actually started thinking about working with a realtor. This was on my mind all morning. As I drove home I asked Spirit, “What do you think, Yes or No? Is it a good idea for me to buy a condo?”

I was in my bedroom changing my clothes to go for a walk on the boardwalk. I moved my purse off the dresser to find my keys. It was then I saw something shiney under my Himaylian Salt Lamp. I found another shiney new 2015 Penny but this time it was on Tails. I took a picture of it because I couldn’t believe it. At that moment I heard in my heart my sister say, “more is coming. You deserve more. 2015!” Finding the penny with Tails facing up meant NO. Don’t buy yet. More is coming. WOW😄👻

Spirit you are welcomed to chat with me unless I tell you I want privacy😉 And, I absolutely love the Penny thing👍😄

Keep your eyes open for your own messages. Your angels and guides are trying to help you. Trust that little voice. Believe in that strange coincidence. Know you are loved and your guides are trying to protect you. Lastly, be on the lookout for coins. Spirit especially likes to toss coins to get your attention.

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Here’s the penny I found earlier today👍😄
The Music is, of course, “Pennies From Heaven”. I chose Sarah Vaughn as I love that old style sound.

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