Love, Sex & Poetry ~ Sex & Champagne

Love, Sex & Poetry ~ Sex & Champagne
By: Linda A. Long

Join me
In the comfort
Of my bed
We will honor
The day
Of your birth
With Champagne
A Champagne brunch
Drink it from my mouth
As you kiss me Frenchly
Drizzle it down my body
As you
Suck it
From my nipples
Massage it
Into my breasts
As you mold them
To the shape
Of your hands
Line my back with
With bubbly kisses
Until you bite
My ass as
You feel
The wetness between my legs
I will be
Your brunch
Eat me
Satisfy the hunger
That builds when
We are near each other
Savoring every part
Of my body
As you sample
The flavors of
My desire for you
Pour the last drops
Of sweet bubbly
Into my pussy
And drink it from me
Hold me
To your mouth
Like a goblet
And drink me
Drink me down
Taste the divine mixture
Of Champagne and
The juice of my pussy
As it runs
Down the edges
Of your mouth
Binge on me
As I moan
Your name
When you are
Full of my juice
Slide your cock
Inside of me
And thrust
Thrust until the
Last bit
Of pent up desire
Explodes into me
Leaving me full
Of your energy
Lying next
To you
Smelling of your
Sex and Champagne
(C) 2015 Linda A. Long – All Rights Reserved
Life is best when lived passionately
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MBE’s birthday is later this week. I’m starting his birthday week today by turning up the heat🔥I offer Sex & Champagne to start off the week for him. The little naughty voice inside of me told me he needs it from me today. He needs it BAD😄😈❤️💋🔥😇

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Music “Do You Wanna Touch Me” ~ Joan Jett & The Blackhearts