Love, Sex & Poetry ~ Lick The Salt

Love, Sex & Poetry ~ Lick The Salt
By: Linda A. Long

Lick the salt
From the nape
Of my neck
I am begging you
Do it now
Right now
As I sit
With my legs spread
For you
Lick my salt
At this moment
On the day
Of your birthday
I want
To feel your
Strong masculine
Dominant energy
Slide up my thighs
And take possession of
The submissive
Sexual slave that
Lives within me
A submissive slave lives
Within me
You are miles away
From me now
But I still feel
Your lust spark
A fire within my vagina
Let’s use the power
Of our thought energy
To connect
Through the miles
And share
The sexual space
In our minds
Take my hand
As I lead you
Up my thighs and
Through the maze
Of my sexual fantasies
From my eyes to yours
I’ll flash images
Of my hard nipples
Begging for your pinch
Images of me
With my vibrator
Between my legs
Images of you
Licking the salt
On my thighs
Before you spread my
Legs and taste my juice
On the walls of our minds
You will see images of me
Leading you
Into the
To the wet desire
Waiting for you
Between my legs
On this day
The day of your creation
Make monumental sexual
Memory with me
By celebrating this day
Licking the salt
Off my sweaty skin
As you fuck me
Deliriously into
The submission
Of your commanding spirit
Now possess me now
Close your eyes
And have me now
Mr. Blue Eyes
If you close your eyes
We can be together now
Lick the salt
And taste my desire
(C) 2015 Linda A. Long – All Rights Reserved
Life is best when lived passionately
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Note: Hmm? I need to go shopping. I need garter belt & stockings. MBE needs to come home some day and find me waiting for him with just a garter & stockings staring out my window at the ocean. lol 🔥💋😈❤️😉😇

Neil Buchan-Grant ~ Nude Photography

Music: “Love Me Two Times” ~ Joan Jett (Cover)