Love, Sex & Poetry ~ Something 

Love, Sex & Poetry ~ Something
By: Linda A. Long

There’s something
In the way
She walks
That makes him
Stop and watch her
It’s the laces in her shoes
That make him want to
Tie her arms
To the bedposts
Or maybe it’s
The stiletto in the heels
He wished were resting
On his shoulders
As he licked
Her to the edge
Of climax
Maybe there’s something
About the look
In her eye today
That is making him
Restless with distraction
As he imagines her
Spread eagle
In front of him
She’s naked on the table
In front of him
It’s hard to focus today
Maybe there’s something
In the way she talks to him
With just a touch
Of flirtation
In her voice that
He knows it’s
Not just her body
He lusts for
It’s her
It’s her mind
Her soul
Her essence
Her spark
He lusts for
There’s something more
Much more
He would like
To bend her
Over his desk and
Fuck her
He wants to hear her
Scream his name
At this moment
He wants to be
Inside of her
But he knows
He knows it is
More than just
With her
It’s more
Maybe there’s something
In the way
She leads him
Ever so gingerly
To the deepest part
Of his soul
Slowly she reflects
Like a mirror to him
They grow
Individually but closer together
Maybe it’s in the way
She senses what he needs
Without him telling her
That makes him know
He can trust her
Believe in her
He can finally
Stop holding his breath
And sleep
In their
Yes, it is
Perhaps it’s in the intimacy
That is growing between them
That makes him
Want to spend
Every night
Sleeping in her arms
Perhaps it is
In the way
She is showing him
He deserves to be
That is making him fall
Free fall down into
Her soul
To the Truth
His truth
That now lies in her soul
Maybe it’s in the truth
He sees in her eyes
That makes him know
There’s something
About her
He wants near him
For the rest of his life
As he watches her
Walk out of the room
He glances down
To see the curve
Of her leg in
The skirt
He glances for a moment
At her shoes
And smiles
Because he knows
She dressed
For him today
There’s something about him
That makes her wet
Maybe it’s knowing
She’s wet for him
That makes him know
She’s his
All of her is his
And that makes it all
Worth it
(C) 2015 Linda A. Long – All Rights Reserved
Life is best when lived passionately
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Note: I was driving up to Philly today and had a hot sexy erotic poem come to me. I saw an image of a lace up boot while searching for photography to use on my blog. It made me think of bondage poetry. I stopped at Wawa for more coffee & wrote half the poem. I then continued my trip north. I sat down to finish the hot erotic poem when I home.

Well, funny thing happened to my hot erotic poem. It turned into a erotic love poem inspired by MBE. I guess that is what I was supposed to write tonight ❤️💋🔥🙏😉😇

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Music: “Something In The Way She Moves ~ James Taylor

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