Love, Sex & Poetry ~ Shy

Love, Sex & Poetry ~ Shy
By: Linda A. Long

You over there
With the crystal
Baby blues
Get over here
You heard me
Come on
Don’t be shy
Sneak over here
Indulge me
For just a few minutes
You see
I’ve been thinking
Thinking about
Pardon me
If I blush
When you are near me
It’s just that
You make me
You make me wet
There I said it
Would you be embarrassed
If I asked you to
Slide your hand
Up my skirt to
Feel how much
I want you
I’d like to look
Into your eyes
And whisper
Delicious erotic poetry
To the rhythm
Of your fingers
As they are
Inside of me
I feel the urge to nibble
Ever so softly
On your earlobe
While your fingers
Slide in and out of me
I need to
Spread my legs
A little wider
As you bite
Assertively on my nipples
No please
Don’t be shy
I promise you
I will lose all inhibitions
The moment
I feel the electricity
If your touch
Charged against my skin
So I can
Wrap my legs
Around your hips
And run
My fingers through
Your hair
While you
Slowly work me
Into an orgasm
With your fingers
I’ll kiss your lips
With the passion
You deserve
But never expected
I’ll give you
What you need
Ask me
Ask for what
You want
Demand it
Demand it of me
In your sexy assertive voice
Push me down
Onto my knees
And tell me
How to support you
I’ll open my mouth
In submission
I’ll submit erotically
I know
You are not shy
(C) 2015 Linda A. Long – All Rights Reserved
Life is best when lived passionately
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Note: MBE 🔥🔥🔥🔥It’s that damn preppy look of his that gets me every☺️😈💋 He’s a candyman and I have a sweet tooth ☺️💋❤️

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This song seemed appropriate for today. He’s a candyman….
“Candyman” by Christina Aguleria