Love, Sex & Poetry – Cuffed

Love, Sex & Poetry – Cuffed
By: Linda A. Long

Follow me
Down into
Your wildest fantasy
I’ll lead the way for you
I’ll take
Your thoughts
To the very edge
Of erotic reason
And pepper
Every moment
Of your day
With the promise
Of me surrendered
To you
I am cuffed
By soft
Satin threads of
The collective
Forces of our
Lustful desire
Linking me to you
Pushing the forces
Of lust
Against my lips
The friction
Leaves me wet for you
I’ll be the
Sultry tour guide
In the erotic fantansies
Flashing in your mind
I’ll preview the
Coming attractions
Relaying the naughtiest
Of my thoughts
To you as you sleep
Leading you into
Secret world
In my vagina
That flashes to you
Every time
Our eyes meet
You see into
My secret world
Of erotic words
and images
I keep hidden
From the rest
I welcome you
Follow me
Into my secret
Sexual fantasy world
Handcuffed to the
Power of masculine energy
I sit obediently
Begging in earnest
As my vagina
Throbs for
Your attention
I’ll whisper
“Yes sir”
“As you wish”
“I am here for
Your pleasure”
As you dominate me
With the gentlest
Of persuasions
I’ll open myself
As you tease me
Dangling the fruit
Of your lips
In front of me
Blowing a soft
Breeze against my thighs
As I quiver
Tugging assertively
On my erect nipples
Softly running
Your hand down my leg
Stroking the fire
Of your woman’s desire
Leaving me to hang
At the edge
Of climax until I
Panting for
The heat of your
Hand, mouth & cock
Between my legs
Look into my eyes
You know who
I am
I allow you
To see me
The same way
I’ll allow you
To own me
I’ll be under your
Masterful control
We’ll explore
Our new
Erotic fantasy world
I’ll leave my
Inhibitions in your hands
As I remain
Cuffed in submission
You hold my key
I sit
At your feet
It is only you
Who can set me free
(C) 2015 Linda A. Long – All Rights Reserved
Life is best when lived passionately
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Note: MBE🔥🔥🔥 Not really sure what it is about the preppy look or if it is just really cute on him. But, I certainly like it on him. I get creative mojo from his masculine energy & manly attentions☺️

I’m writing as much as I can to take advantage of the creative mojo while words and images are flowing freely. Some days I get stuck. I try to write when things are flowing. Also, I hope to post a lot of poetry in the next few weeks to drive up my Page Visits. I am only about 1,300 hits away from 100,000 total due in large part to MBE sparking me to write.

What I am doing right now, writing, is my passion. Putting my deepest my erotic thoughts into words is great fun for me. It’s what makes sense in my world. When I have nothing else, I have words.

While I like my day job, it is not my passion. It’s a way to make a comfortable secure living. It doesn’t excite me. This excites me. This makes my heart race. This makes me happy. Therefore, I need a man in my life who knows how to stir my juices & push me to write poetry. MBE does that🙏😄💋❤️

Photo Credit I found the image on Pinterest. But, I don’t know who the photographer is.

Music: This is a very sexy song… “Criminal” by Fiona Apple