Love, Sex & Poetry ~ Midnight 

Love, Sex & Poetry ~ Midnight
By: Linda A. Long

The clock
Struck midnight
She was fast asleep
When there was
A knock at the door
It was him
Standing before her
In the middle of the night
It was the man
With the crystal blue eyes
Her head raced
With scattered thoughts
She wondered
How she looked
Was her hair
Sticking up
As she invited him in
She sensed
His urgency
She felt urgency
She felt
He needed her
It must be now
I won’t wait
Said his eyes
As his lips met hers
He slowly backed
Her up against the wall
The full force
Of his body
Pressed against her
She hungrily
Sucked on his tongue
To taste his desire
He spoke no words
None were needed
His body was telling
Her everything
She wanted to know
He still had her pinned
Against the wall
In the entrance way
As his hands
Slide over her body
Feeling the fullness
Of her breasts
Grabbing her ass
In both hands
As he buried
His face between
Her breasts
With one hand
He pinned her arms
Over her head
And slid his hand
Down her pants
Until he felt
Her wetness
With every stroke
Of his hand
She surrendered
More of herself
To him
Until she came
On his fingers
And screamed
In ecstasy
Fuck me
Fuck me
Right here
Fuck me
Their clothes feel
To the floor
Along with their bodies
Laying naked
In the hallway
Each other
As if they
Were eating a last meal
They devoured each other
The only words spoken
Were words of desire
As they lost themselves
In their sexual Union
Her legs spread wider
As he sucked
On her pussy
And pinched her nipples
Coming again
In his mouth
She pushed
Him back
On the floor
And straddled him
She took him
All the way in
Deep within her
She stopped moving
For just a moment
She wanted feel
Every second
Of his penetration
Slowly she moved her hips
And circled her
Hips around his cock
Until she couldn’t
Contain herself
For another second
Until she broke free
Of all the restrictions
That were between them
In that moment
She let go
Of everything she
Knew about who
They were
And only knew
One thing to be true
He was inside of her
As the inhibitions
Cascaded down
The slippery slope
Of her vagina
She felt every part
Of her body
Take ownership of him
Claiming every inch
Of his soul
With each scream
She assimilated
His energy
Into her body
With each thrust
Of her hips
The Queen
Ruled the King
As she took his chin
Into her hand
She looked into his beautiful
Blue eyes
And said
You are
That night she
Fucked him
Like he’s never been
Fucked before
Afterwards they laid
Silently entangled
In each other’s auras
Knowing what’s
They know
There’s something special
Happening between them
It doesn’t come along every day
Especially at their age
Sensing theirs was a bond
That was deeper than sex
Yet lustier than friendship
They laid somewhere
In the middle
Of a place
Neither one of them
Expected to be
Especially together
They found themselves
Laying in the middle
Of love
They were in love
And that changed everything
(C) 2015 Linda A. Long – All Rights Reserved
Life is best when lived passionately
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Note: I have a headache. I’m on the sofa taking it easy. One thing lead to another and then another. And eventually it inspired a poem.

Also, MBE is hot, really hot… just sayin’😉😈🔥🔥🔥🔥 ☺️💋❤️

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