Visitation Dream

I’m not feeling particularly creative this week. I haven’t written any poetry since earlier in the week. Nothing is wrong. It’s just no words of poetry are coming to me. The creative Chi isn’t flowing as it normally does. Therefore, I am writing journal entry style blog to help get rid of the clutter in my head and move some things along.

I’m kind of surprised my creativity is not flowing this week. I’ve had stimulation from “Preppy Muse” that normally would have sparked a good sex poem. It sparked some good afternoon fantasies but words did not jump out of my head into my blog.

I’ve been very keeping good spiritual practices too which normal helps creative flow. I’ve been meditating, smudging, repeating mantras and allowing myself space to breathe. While all of my spiritual efforts have grounded me quite nicely, the relaxed vibe hasn’t risen any sexy prompts for poems. One of the benefits of the grounding practices I’ve been doing is that I’m not really picking up any emotional issues from others. As an Empath, I often get bombarded with heavy energies. It can be stressful and overwhelming for me. I think I’ve been able to tune the emotions of others out so well this week because I am feeling very grounded. I’ve been able to focus my energies more because I feel steady and strong.

When I got home last night, I turned on my Salt Lamps which are good for counteracting the overstimulation of electronics. Ive been sleeping better since I started using the Himalayan Salt Lamps for a few hours each night. The give off a very soft pretty light and they good for indoor air quality too. Follow the link to learn more about Himalayan Salt Lamps, I also burned some Sage last night to smudge, clean the energy, in my condo. I slept great and then I had a visitor😄👻😇

While I was sleeping, I started to have the sensation that someone was bouncing on my bed. Someone was moving my arm and telling me to get up and then I heard bells ringing. The interesting thing was I could not open my eyes or move. It was then I heard someone saying, “Linda, yes it’s me. I know you can hear me.” Half asleep but feeling kind of awake I found myself at the bottom of the staircase in my Mother’s home. I thought it was my Mother calling to me. As I started to walk up the stairs I realized it was my deceased sister, Sandy, standing at the top. I said her name. We both started crying as I walked up the stairs. By the time I got to the top, we both were telling each other how much we missed each other. As I went to embrace her, my arms went through her but I could feel her wrap her arms around me. She took me to a room. It looked like her old bedroom. And she told me she lived there now. She just wanted to see me. She said something to me but I couldn’t hear what she said. Then I heard her say, “about that, maybe you should do both of them at the same time.” I asked her what she was talking about. But I started waking up. I felt the bed move again. The bells rang again. And I slowly opened my eyes. It was 4:00am.

This isn’t the first time this has happened to me and I’ve accepted it won’t be the last. Visitations from deceased loved ones while dreaming is quite normal. However, it usually only happens to people who are open and ready for it. I hope she comes to talk to me every night and actually I hope she brings my Dad along with her sometime. The vision and her voice was as clear as if she was standing right in front me. I think keeping myself grounded with good spiritual practices is also helping my sixth sense be more receptive. For more information on Visitation Dreams,

Well, hopefully some poetry will tomorrow now that I got the clutter out of my head. It’s only 7:00pm and I’m having a hard time staying awake. I got a lot of sun today and it’s making me sleepy😄😴
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