Love, Sex & Poetry ~ Without You

Love, Sex & Poetry ~ Without You
By: Linda A. Long

I kissed you
Even if it was
Only in my thoughts
I kissed you
As you left
The crowded room
Could you hear
My heart beating
In the distance
I shifted in my chair
As my arousal for you
Churned between my legs
My nipples
Were erect under
My sweater
To sound of your voice
As you stepped
Out the door
I followed you
And kissed you
Before you
Leave again
Steal a moment
With me
In a dark corner
Wrap your arms
Around my waist
And share
An enchanted
Stolen kiss
Before you
Leave me
Take me
With you
I whispered
Your name
As the door closed
I’ll go with you
I said
With thoughtful intent
I’ll stay by
Your side
We’ll talk
Endlessly over dinner
And laugh
As we rush
To undress each other
Slide our bodies
On the soft hotel sheets
And spend
Each night
Making love
To each other
As if we
Are teenagers
And this is our
First love
I will fall asleep
With my legs
Crossed over yours
With my head
Softly on your
Where I will nibble
Just a bit
To wake you
Before daylight
You’ll fuck me
With dominance
Before sunrise
As you watch
The sun rise
Over my ass
You’ll taste me
One last time
Before you
Finally release
And collapse
On my back
You’ll tell me
We have to
Shower together to
Conserve water
You always
Make me laugh
I’ll oblige your request
And offer my
Wet naked body
For you to wash
With each sensual
Brush against my skin
I’ll give more
Of myself
In one final kiss
You’ll leave
I’ll stay in bed
And wait for
You to return
Take me with you
It’s boring here
I’m here
Without you
Take me
With you
(C) 2015 Linda A. Long – All Rights Reserved
“Life is best when lived passionately”

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Note:MBE goes away entirely too much for my liking. I may have to sneak away with him sometime😉 Just something to fantasize tonight while I’m trying to fall into Golden Slumbers…❤️😈🔥☺️

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“Golden Slumbers” by The Beatles