Love, Sex & Poetry ~ Edge Of Attraction

Edge Of Attraction
By: Linda A. Long

My leg
Brushed yours
Under the table
An electric spark
Shot up through
My body
Straight into
My vagina
I was wet for you
Sitting there
Wet for you
We couldn’t
Touch each other
Wanting to feel
Your hands
Against my skin
But knowing
It wasn’t the place
People talk
I listen
But my mind
Is thinking about
Your warm hands resting
On my thighs
Wanting you to
Slowly slide your
Hand up leg to feel
How I desire you
Touch me
I notice
You are restless too
Are you sharing
My thoughts
Are you drifting
Out of the
And drifting yourself
Between my legs
Where sex and love
Waits for you
Are you
On your knees
Before me
Tasting me
As you feel me
Orgasm on your mouth
As your fingers
Tap the arm
Of the chair
Are you wishing
You could slide
Them between
My legs
And feels
My wetness
As you loose focus
Of the task
At hand
Are you pulling
My spread legs
Onto your
Hard cock
And entering me
With pent up force
Of our attraction today
Pushing against
Our inhibitions
Trying to break thru
Into reality
Do you pull
Your thoughts back
From the watery
Depths between my legs
As you sit up
A little straighter
I close my knees
A little tighter
As try to free
Myself from the blue
In your eyes
As if this will
Return me from the edge
Of our attraction
Only to notice you
Watching me
Walk away
The river of lust
Flows between
My legs for you
As I sit
Back and wait
For you to meet me
On the edge
I am
Naked to your eyes
Laying on the edge
Of lust
In the swell
Of our attraction
I meet you
On edge of
Lust and love
You are not alone
In your thoughts
I am lying
There with you
On the erotic
Edge of our
(C) 2015 Linda A. Long – All Rights Reserved
“Life is best when lived passionately”

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Note: I was thinking MBE needed some erotica from me today😈💋🔥😉😁😇Now that my four day migraine is finally gone I can finally write again🙏

When selecting images to use on my blog, I prefer to use Black & White Nudes that are suggestive and artistic without being pornographic. I also try to find images that tie into the story in the poetry. It took me a while to find this. I saw things I’ll never be able to unsee. lol😆

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Lindsay Garnett –

Music: “LA Woman” By The Doors
The rumor is Jim Morrison faked his death. I would like to believe that is true. I would like to believe that he saw that life was destroying him and he got out BEFORE it killed him.I will always love his voice❤️💋