Love, Sex & Poetry ~ Love Again

Love, Sex & Poetry ~ Love Again
By: Linda A. Long

When the moon
Shines bright
On the
Dark shadows
Of your mind
And you
Find yourself
Restless with
The heat of desire
Burning between your
Legs for me
Will you count
The ways
You would fuck me
Tonight instead
Of counting sheep
Do you see
My breasts bouncing
As if hypnotizing
You into dreamland
Where I wait
For you
With legs spread
While you lay
In bed tonight
Will you twist
One way
To forget me
And hope to escape
The pressure
Of desire throbbing
Between your legs
Do you turn the other way
And silently
Say my name
Knowing somehow
I hear you
You know
I hear you
Hearing you
Call my name
As if from deep
Within my soul
My heart pounds
With excitement
For you
My master
I lay naked
In submission to
The wanting
That hardens
Between your legs
For my attention
Only my attention
Just as you are
I count the orgasms
I have as I imagine
My vibrator
To be your cock
Fucking me
Knowing that
Some how
Some way
Tonight you know
I’m restless
Tonight you know
My thoughts
Are the fire
You feel between
Your legs
My body
Is the ache
Your feel
In the depth
Of your soul
Some how
Some way
Tonight you know
I am the
You now feel again
In your heart
You now know
I am your
(C) 2015 Linda A. Long – All Rights Reserved
“Life is best when lived passionately”

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Note: If MBE was here with me tonight, he would be getting quite a workout😈🔥💋❤️😄😉

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Music: My absolute favorite Billy Joel song “You’re My Home”

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