Love, Sex & Poetry ~ Lean Into Me

Love, Sex & Poetry ~ Lean Into Me
By: Linda A. Long

Lean in
Lean all the way in
Come close enough
Until you
Are held safely in
My aura
Stay here
And refresh yourself
With the soft gentle
Vibration of my essence
Warm and inviting
To your weary mind
Come close
Breath the sweet
Scent of Lavender
That surrounds my body
Let it soothe your
Racing mind
And slow down
Your vibration
Until you are in
Perfect sensual harmony
With me
Lean into me
Follow the key of gratitude
Into my soft ample cleavage
Until you see
The top of my bra
Holding my nipples back
From sliding into
Your mouth
Watch my breasts
Rise and fall
With each Inhalation
I pull you further in
With each exhalation
I surrender erotically to you
Until all of me
Is under your control
Lean in close enough
Until you are close enough
To feel
My warm breathe
Against your cheek
And see my legs
Quiver ever so slightly
As you move
Ever so closer
To the source
Of my fire
Balance yourself
Gingerly between
The arch in my back
And slight separation
Between my thighs
Wanting to touch me
Under my skirt
Lean in
Close enough
To hear my
Heart race with
Excitement for you
As your eyes meet mine
Hang for a minute
On the curve of my lips
Inviting you
For a taste
Taste me
Lean in
Until you hear
Me whisper
My desires
Into your ear
Softly saying your name
Wrapping my
Sexuality around
Your waist
I’ll pull you tighter
Until you are
Inside of me
Swimming in my
Erotic waters
Come further inside me
Until we explode
With lust
Yes please
Lean into me
Lean in
(C) 2015 Linda A. Long – All Rights Reserved
“Life is best when lived passionately”

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Note: People have been using the phrase “lean in” a lot lately. I guess it stuck in my head. Lean in MBE😈💋❤️🔥😇

Photo Credit
The Marilyn Monroe nude collection from 1953. You find the images just about anywhere online.

Music: Rhinnanon by Fleetwood Mac. I like this version from “The Dance”