Love, Sex & Poetry ~ Kismet

Love, Sex & Poetry ~ Kismet
By: Linda A. Long

There has to be
Something pre-destined
About Connections
Such as ours
Our lives were always
Meant to merge
At this time
In this way
As if it was
Planned like this
From the start
As the layers
Of our attraction
With the passage
Of time
It’s the complexities
Of our combined
Energetic force and
The pure power
Of our union
That I find most
Rewarding and engaging
You make me better
As if we were two halves
Who are slowly realizing
We make a better whole
The force of our
Joint evolution
Makes us both stronger
And creates growth
Where there was stagnation
As we weave together
and move
In and out
Of each other’s experience
We are turning our
Otherwise mundane lives
Upside down with
Unexpected passion
Renewed enthusiasm
And for me
The emergence of
A strong belief
That something bigger
Than us individually
Is happening to us
As if by divine intervention
The Angels
Turned our heads
To each other
Until we finally
Opened our eyes to the
Person right
In front of us
To see the potential
To reach for something more
And found the courage
To finally demand
What we both rightfully deserve
In our lives
There had to be a reason
We lived our lives apart
Until only
Finding each other
In recent years
Perhaps we weren’t
Ready for the intensity
Of our union until now
Maybe we both
Still had to grow
And yes,
Perhaps we both still
Had karmic relationships to complete
But now it feels like
Your karma
Is with me
Just as my Dharma
Is in you
As our shared intentions
Effortlessly align
I no longer
Can image
A life
For myself
Without you in it
Tonight as I write
These words
I live in this moment
Of intense truth
And perhaps
For the first time
I see true kismet
In my life
It has to be kismet
There’s no other
Explanation but
(C) 2015 Linda A. Long – All Rights Reserved

“Life is best when lived passionately”

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Note: Just musing about some deep shit tonight and, of course, MBE😁💋❤️😈🔥😇

Photo Credit I like this photo. I found it on a google search for “erotic couples”💋😈

Music: “When Love Comes To Town” ~ U2 & B.B. King