Love, Sex & Poetry ~ A Suggestion

Love, Sex & Poetry ~ A Suggestion
By: Linda A. Long

May I offer you
A suggestion
For your consideration
Something for you
To think over
As you begin
To dive deeper
Into my soul
And source your own
True calling through my spirit
May I suggest
You take refuge
In the welcoming
Depths of my eyes
Yet unsettling
Promising loyalty
But commanding
Your attention
May I suggest
You close your eyes
And listen
Listen to what you know
To be true
In your heart
Fracturing what you’ve known
With only a glimpse
Of what could be
Hanging on the edge
Of where my
Heart meets yours
You’ll find peace
I promise
May I suggest
You rest
Your weary head
On my soft breasts
And if it pleases you
Only if it pleases you
Remove my blouse
Unhook my bra
And suck nourishment
For your soul
From the tip
Of my nipples
May I suggest
You take your respite
In the comfort
Of my hips
Soft, open and here
To support you
But only
If it pleases you
Only if it pleases you
May I suggest to you
We complete the
Circle of our deepening desire
And lie in the midst
Of my balanced
Yet passionate energy
Root yourself
My strong confident hero
Like a tree
In my moist soil
Perfectly fertilizer
To support the
Growth occurring by
The merging on our souls
Only if it pleases you
My beautiful blue eyed friend
Join me
Out on this limb
We are hanging on
As our worlds
Start to entwine
May I suggest
You look into my eyes
And trust these words
Written by your loyal friend
Our souls were meant
To find each other
Lies off somewhere
In the distance
In the space
Between what was
And what will be
There lies the power of now
Awaiting our hearts
To heed its calling
And bring it into creation
If it pleases you
Only if it pleases you
May I suggest
You fuck me
In a manner that
Helps you let go
Of what no longer serves you
And releases you into
What will sustain you
Kindly consider my suggestion
My dearest most beautiful sir
My body is your sanctuary
Kneel at my altar
And lick me
To set yourself free
A suggestion only
If it pleases you😁❤️💋😈🙏☺️🔥😇
(C) 2015 Linda A. Long – All Rights Reserved

“Life is best when lived passionately”

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“I want to love you wildly. I don’t want words, but inarticulate cries, meaningless, from the bottom of my most primitive being, that flow from my belly like honey. A piercing joy, that leaves me empty, conquered, silenced.” ॐ

~ Anaïs Nin
Art by Alicia Besada

Music by: Maroon 5 – Sunday Morning