Love, Sex & Poetry ~ Afternoon Sex Dream

Love, Sex & Poetry ~ Afternoon Sex Dream
By: Linda A. Long

I woke up
The sun was out
But I still
Felt like I was
Drunk in a dream state
I was sitting
Eye to eye with you
We were naked
I was perched
On your lap
You were holding me
Tight against your chest
We were moving
Like a wave
Feeling confused
I stepped away
To get my bearings
I saw us
As if in another realm
I was here in my bed
You were there
In another meeting
Yet somehow
We were together
Making love
In my bed
In the middle of the afternoon
I saw myself
Crashing into you
I smelled the soap
On your skin
I felt your hardness
Grow with each
Thrust of my hips
I heard you
Whisper my name
As you bit my shoulder
I watched us make love
In another dimension
Where we were together
My pulse was quickening
As I felt your lips
Burn your desire against
My chest
I cried out
Your name
As my body
Surrendered to the
Power of your touch
In our shared vision
Off in the distance
I was watching us
Yet I was still feeling
Your skin hot against mine
I watched as you
Took possession
Of my hips
And moved them
With your hands
I listened
As I moaned
With each thrust
Of your hips into mine
I begged you
Begged you for more
As I lost myself in the love
I saw in the
Brilliant blue of your eyes
As I came one last time
I slowly kissed your lips
And let you go
I felt you slide
Back to your other reality
As I rolled over
I realized
I just had the most
Intense dream
About you
While I was taking
An afternoon nap
I fucked you at 3:00pm
In my afternoon sex dream
Was it good for you?
(C) 2015 Linda A. Long – All Rights Reserved

“Life is best when lived passionately”

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Photo Credit By: Samarel on Sageword Facebook page
I LOVE this song❤️💋