Love, Sex & Poetry ~ Black Art

Love, Sex & Poetry ~ Black Art
By: Linda A. Long

Under your spell
I am under the spell
Of your strong masculine energy
You command
My legs to spread
Ever so slightly in presence
In anticipation of your entrance
Into my haven
Wet for your enjoyment
The black magic
Your eyes spin
Over my body
Conjure my wildest desires
In the echo
Of my cleavage for you
Enchanted by
The rise of passion
When we are close to each
I nervously touch
My thigh as if to
Invite you to
Break free in the moment and
Touch the fire
Between my legs
As it Grows into an inferno
My eyes bewitching you to
Press me against
The wall
And feel my desire
For you
No longer embarrassed
By the sexual response
That my body has
To your presence
I’m no longer resistant
To the sorcery
You have over my body
I will show you
The passion
That burns
In my soul
For you
I will wrap my arms
Around you
And kiss you
Like a teenager
I will wrap
My legs around you
And pull you
To my wetness
Like the whore
Your voodoo
Makes me want to be
By your black art
I surrender
To the erotic yearnings
I have for you
And willingly submit
Myself to your command
I’m yours
I’m under your spell
(C) 2015 Linda A. Long – All Rights Reserved

“Life is best when lived passionately”

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