Love, Sex & Poetry ~ The Surrender

I’ve been thinking a lot about the word surrender. Life forced me to be a fighter at a young age. I never backed down. I never surrendered to anyone or anything.

As I’ve expanded my consciousness in recent years, I’ve learned surrendering takes courage. Often the only way for us to end one chapter of our lives and bravely start a new one is to first surrender to what is in our life instead of holding on to what was. We must surrender to the truth in our lives and in our hearts to find peace and begin again.

Once I started to understand that surrendering was a way to transform any situation into a opportunity for growth I started embracing the moments of truth that call me to change and grow. This poem is born out of those thoughts

The Surrender
By: Linda A. Long

As I surrender
To what is
Without knowing
What will be
I lay my
Hopes and fears
At your feet
And acquiesce
To the intuitions
I hear in my soul
And see in my dreams
Nervously trusting you
More than
I’ve ever trusted
Another person
I put my fate
Into your hands
I’m trusting you
With my destiny
Without reservation
And growing
Through the experience
Realizing I
Broke through
The old paradigms
That prevented me
From love
In releasing myself
From the fear of loss
I’m timidly opening my heart
To you
Balancing myself
Ever so carefully
Releasing pain
From the past
And embracing
The possibility
Of could be
I surrender
To the budding love
I feel in my heart
And willfully
Allow my heart
To feel again
I surrender
(C) 2015 Linda A. Long – All Rights Reserved

“Life is best when lived passionately”

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