Love, Sex & Poetry ~ Yours, Completely

Love, Sex & Poetry ~ Yours, Completely
By: Linda A. Long

I could feel
The heat of your breathe
Against the
Back of my neck
And your low
Masculine voice
In my ear
“Don’t move
Don’t say a word.”
I obeyed your command
As you slowly
Ran your hand
Down my back
Until it rested
On the curve
Of my ass
I felt your
Other hand
Slide around me
From behind
And cup my breasts
One at time
My nipples become
Erect under
Your touch
As your lips
Suck the nape
Of my neck
You raised my skirt
And placed your hand
Between my legs
Feeling the heat
Rubbing slowly
Me into orgasms
As you bite my ear
And pinch my nipple
Hearing me moan
Into submission
Asking you
To take me
Right there
In that moment
Without delay
I felt you
Slide your fingers
Inside of me
As a gush of wetness
Met your hand
My arms wrapped
Around your neck
As I braced myself
Against your body
Feeling your
Hardness for me
Growing as I
Surrendered into the pleasure
And lust
I felt for you
As my panties
Fell to the floor
You bent me over
The table
Unzipped your trousers
And entered me
Feeling me wrap
Around you
Hearing my breathe quicken
With your thrusts
Seeing my hands
Grasp the edge of the table
As I let go
As I let go
Of everything that happened
Before this moment
And surrender
Into the union
Of our souls
Pronounced by your
Orgasm deep within me
Sealed with my smell
On your fingers
As your reminder
That I’m now fully yours
In every way possible
It wasn’t meant
To happen there
Like that
But you knew
On that day
My body
Had to be yours
My wetness
Had to yours
My love
Had to be yours
I had to be yours
On that day
(C) 2015 Linda A. Long – All Rights Reserved

“Life is best when lived passionately”

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