Unlock Me, Please!


Im trying to write out my writer’s block. I’m conflicted😡 My work brain has been stifling my creativity and blocking me from writing poetry and Erotica. It’s a drag! I used to be better at turning off my work brain to allow my passion for writing to thrive. I’m lucky to have a strong business mind and a strong creative mind. But, the business mind likes to dominate. She’s pushy & can be a nuisance at times. Bitch, you need to shut up already! Leave me alone. Go away and let me fantasize about sex for a few minutes already. 😈❤️🔥

I’m not sure what changed for me the last month. But here are my suspicions. First, My brain is tired at the end of the day lately. I just want silence. Second, My eyes are fried from being on a computer all day and sometimes I just need to be computer screen free at night. Next, I’ve been sticking to a schedule with meditation, yoga, coaching and dinner with friends on week nights. Therefore, I’m getting home a little later which doesn’t give me as much time before bed time. So, I need to put time for writing on my calendar. I also realized the other day I haven’t read a book in a very long time. I used to love reading smutty books. Now, I read personal growth stuff, serious stuff and blogs online. Maybe I need to buy myself a good old fashioned smutty paperback👍😁 I’ll go to the bookstore tomorrow and buy some smut! 😁👍

Thankfully, I still have Blue Eyed inspiration for erotica💋❤️ But, his energy has been heavier than normal lately. Life weighs us down sometimes. I’m an empath. I feel it. My intuition has been telling me he needs nurturing and support in ways other than lusty poetry. I enjoy giving him that. But I need to make a genuine effort to super charge my erotica mojo with him, my muse! Instead of thinking about taking care of my blue eyed muse perhaps I should get back to thinking about fucking him all day again💋❤️😈☺️🔥

PS: No comments on this post please. This is just me writing my thoughts to make space in my head. I don’t need advice. 

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“Life is best when lived passionately”

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