Love, Sex & Poetry ~ Drizzle

 Love, Sex & Poetry ~ Drizzle
By: Linda A. Long

Open your mouth
And I will drizzle
Love into your body
Until you are full
With unbridled passion
You will feel
The fire in my eyes
Light a flame
Between your legs
And hold the gentleness
Of my touch
In your hand
As if drinking me
To sustain you
I won’t hold back my
Womanhood from you
I will drop all defenses
To allow you to see me
I want you to know me
Understand me and
Trust me
With your heart
While I use your body
For my pleasure
My hips pressing onto your waist
Holding onto the bedpost
While pulling you deeper within me
Let me subsume you with my lust
And hold you in my arms
Open your mouth wide lover
While I drizzle lust
Back into your life
With no inhibitions
I give myself over to you
Take nourishment from me
Let me nurture you
Care for you
Support you
My desires are your treasures
Keep them safely
Next to your soul
Use them as your life force
And on the hard days remember
There is a haven waiting for you
Between my legs
Open your mouth
While I drizzle
My wetness slowly onto your tongue
You churn my juices slowly
Until I am soaking wet
With passion for you
For you
Only you
Open your heart wide
While I pour my love over you
I won’t hold back
I’ll never hold back
I won’t look back at the past
My future sits
On the tip
Of your hard cock
Waiting for me
To suck you into me
Satisfy you
Own you
Drizzle your juice
Onto my face
Force it into my mouth
Spray it on my breasts
Release it into my body
To make me every part of me yours
Drizzle your love on me
All over me
I want your love
(C) 2015 Linda A. Long – All Rights Reserved

“Life is best when lived passionately”

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