69 ~ Love, Sex & Poetry

69 ~ Love, Sex & Poetry
By: Linda A. Long

Wine me
Dine me
Before you
69 with me
Fill my glass
Of love
With the magic
In your eyes
Let me savor
The taste
Of your passion
As it rolls on my tongue
I’ll slowly sip
An expressive
Delicious glass of Malbec
From Argentina
My body will warm
With desire for your touch
With each delicious sip
My face will flush
With lust for you
My head will swim
With the intoxication
Of our beautiful romance
Fill my belly
With a big juicy
Medium rare steak
And watch me eat
As I look deeply
Into your eyes
Saying I want you
With each bite
Indulge my guilty pleasures
While you feed me
Decadent chocolate cake
With your fingers
I’ll suck on them slowly
In anticipation
Of having you in my mouth
I love you
I’ll whisper
With each nibble
I take on your fingers
I want to fuck you
I’ll whisper
While I run my foot
Up your leg
As I look lustfully
Into your eyes
I’ll whisper
You’ve wined me
You’ve dined me
Now it’s time
To 69 with me
(C) 2015 Linda A. Long – All Rights Reserved

“Life is best when lived passionately”

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Poetry, Erotica, has been flowing for me this week. This was inspired by me figuratively having the taste for Agentina Malbec on lips. My stomach & liver are completely healed. It’s perfectly ok for me to have one glass of wine occassionally. But here’s the thing…it can only be ONE glass and it can’t be every day.

I haven’t indulged yet because I haven’t had a glass of wine in a while. I’m not sure how it will affect me. One glass should do it. lol😁👍If history repeats itself, I’m generally a good time when I have a buzz going. But, I’m not completely sure I trust myself to stick to only one. I may need a Coach to offer me support in this.

When I do indulge, I’m going all the way… One glass with a nice pour of a very expensive, very delicious Argentina Malbec that’s spicy & peppery. I would like it in a big beautiful glass. Again, if history repeats itself, drunk & horny work well for me.lol👍 Therefore, I will expect to be taken advantaged of by Blue Eyes😉❤️😈 That’s my order! Wine, Steak, Chocolate & Sex 🔥💋😈❤️💥🍷🍴🍫😈