Stories of Sex & Desire – Love, Sex & Poetry

Stories of Sex & Desire – Love, Sex & Poetry

Listen closely
As you pass by
You’ll hear me whisper
From the corner of
My mind to yours
Words of
Sex and desire
I will tell you stories
For no one else
To hear
I will tell you
My desires and
Secretly lick
Your lips
With arousal
Be quiet and listen
With your mind
My breasts will
Greet you
They will be
Hard and erect by your presence
They beg you to look
Down my blouse
And find your way
Into my cleavage
Please give me more
Than a glance
They say as you pass by
Linger here with me
Won’t you linger
As my eyes
Meet yours
You will feel
My arousal for you
It Makes me
shift in my seat
My eyes will confess
To you that
My arousal for you
Makes me a little nervous
When you near
I get a little nervous
I will whisper these truths
To you quietly
Throughout the day
It is our secret game
I will speak
Of us
In our safe space
Where my mind
Is open to yours
For you to
See me
I won’t hold
Anything back
From you
For I know
You are true
In you
I see goodness
For you
I am open
As I stand
In your aura
You will hear
My lusty suggestions
Drift through the air
Sparking a fire between us
Listen carefully
Secretly travel
The terrain of
My womanly body
and tuck yourself
Into my dreams
My body invites you to
Find me
Listen to my thoughts
My body begs you
Come and meet me
At the foot
Of my bed
Lay me back
Under your control
As I whisper
Stories of
Sex and desire
In your ears
(C) 2014 Linda A. Long – All Rights Reserved
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Yes, let me whisper softly in that ear words of sex & desire… That’s what I was thinking today and that was the inspiration of the poem

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