Flirtatious Foreplay – Love, Sex & Poetry


Flirtatious Foreplay – Love, Sex & Poetry
By: Linda A. long

The Feeling comes
From deep within
It rises up
And presses
From inside my breasts
To be broken free
My name is desire
It shouts
I hear it
Whenever he is near me
And it speaks
In a language only
He can hear
It writes
In words
For only him to read
It lives
It breathes
It passes from
Me to him
A gift
From my vagina
To him
A gift
Of lust and wetness
Waiting for him
Waiting for our
Moments alone
When nothing can
Stand between us
Nothing can
Stop him from
Touching me
I feel it move
Inside of me
Ignited by his
His voice
Feeling the goodness
Of his energy
Wanting it
On me
Inside of me
Near me
I want to hear it
Whispered in my ear
I want to feel it
In his lips
Pressed into
My cleavage
I enjoy our
Flirtatious foreplay
But I am also
Looking forward
To our moment
Of surrender
I feel it coming
It’s coming
I am ready
To surrender
In our moment
Of honesty
Lies a beginning
Of something new
For both of us
Something that is
sensual and primal
Sweet and good
I share this with him
As wait for
The day I share
My body with him
And see my pleasure
Reflected in his
Beautiful blue eyes
Standing on the
Threshold of something
Powerfully good
For both of us
I place my desires
Into his soft hands
And enjoy our
Our flirtatious foreplay
(C) 2014 Linda A. Long – All Rights Reserved

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Note: I kept having thoughts today about how cute Mr. Blues Eyes looked. I wanted him to pull me into a room and touch me. I want to feel him. With each passing day my desire grows deeper. As much as I am sexually attracted to him I am also drawn to him on a deeper level. I could just eat him up he’s so damn cute.

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