Talking To Spirit ~ My Reading With A Medium

Love, You Rescue Me. Love. This is about love. If you’ve been reading blog, you know I lost my Sister to a long illess in 1999 when I was 31 years old. Losing her crushed me. I’ve survived a lot of tragedy in my life since I was a young girl. But nothing broke me the way Sandy’s death broke me. I closed myself off. I locked up my heart. I just couldn’t do it. It took too long for me to rebuild and gain strength again.

A few years ago I went through a lot of changes resulting in increased intuition and the ability to hear my sister talk to me. I know it sounds crazy. But, it’s true. I really notice her when I sleep. I sense a presence. I always wanted confirmation that I wasn’t imagining things or creating them in my mind.

Last night I had a reading with a Medium at workshop. Twelve people were in the room. I just needed validation. Oh boy, did I get it😁👍 Right off the bat she asked me if I was a Psychic or if I was an Energy Worker because she sensed my inutuition. I confirmed that I am Certified Level I Reiki Practioner and an amatuer Psychic. lol😁 She initially told me my Dad wanted to talk to me but my sister had a lot to say. lol😄

She asked me who had the Heart problem/defect in the family. I did not confirm it was me. There were too many people in the room.I only said my dad, grandfather and uncle all died from heart issues. Then she said my sister was pointing to the left side and showing her a bed. She told me my sister sleeps in bed with me some nights on my left side to protect MY heart because Spirit protect our weaknesses. She asked again about heart issues. I confirmed I have a Congential Arrhythmia that acts up sometimes. I told her I used to get Premature Artial Contractions and my heart would stop beating in my sleep. While I was in the hospital once they told I go completely flat when I sleep. It doesn’t happen as often anymore. But, She hit a Spiritual Bullseye on the heart issue. Made me cry knowing my sister waits until I fall asleep to look after me.

Next she asked about an Angel pin. I told her my mother has one and was very upset when she lost it. But found it recently. She told me to tell my Mom my Dad & Sandy hear her when she crys. Sandy found the pin for her. The Medium asked who is Margaret. I confirmed Margaret is my Mother. She also asked what was the number 9. Sandy died on March 9th which is also my other sister’s birthday.

The Medium told me Sandy stays with me a lot because she knows I hear her.She told me when I need privacy for a while to politely ask Spirit to leave. She then told me something that cracked me up. She said, “Sandy suggests you meditate or do Reiki on yourself before you go to your Mom’s on Friday to help her start cleaning out the house. She needs help cleaning the house out but She thinks you may lose your temper because of all the crap Mom never threw away.” hahaha. Oh My God. So true! My Mom & I have been putting it off for that reason…😁👍 Nothing like being “coached” by Spirit in the great beyond. lol😁😁🙏 Lastly, the Medium asked me if I was learning a lot by watching her work and if I was ready to really embrace me gift.

This workshop was only $55 and worth every penny. She was so on the money. She nor anyone else in the room would have known any of the things she talked about.

As I sleep my sister is protecting my heart. Love doesn’t get deeper or truer than that.

Love, You Rescue Me
By: Linda A. Long

Wrap yourself around me
To keep my heart open
With your warmth
It’s your sweet embrace
That has set me free
It’s the strength
In you’ve given me
That brought me
From the darkness
Of my soul
Fully into the light
Darkness that stole my soul
And raped me of my power
Love, you rescued me
You gave me new life
My mind springs
With renewed hope
Hope of a young heart
Without damage from
Losses in life gone before
At the bottom
Of my being is an eager child
Desparately wanting, needing
To believe in your power
I timidly put
One toe in the center
The one foot
Then one leg
Jumping all the way
Into the center
Of my very own soul
With you
It feels like
Landing on a cloud
I’m dizzy with confusion
But exhilarated by the release
Finally not holding back
What was pushing
Against my soul
As my heart dives
To new depths it once feared
Love, you offer me no guarantees
Love, you give no promises
And yet,
Love, you rescue me
(C) 2015 Linda A. Long – All Rights Reserved

Life is best when lived passionately…

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