Day 4 Limericks & Enjambment – Writing 201 Poetry

He had eyes of blue
Which I somehow feel into
While I tried to resist
His cuteness did persist
And now I crave him
Like chocolate fondue

My lips were painted red
May I kiss you he said
I shyly pouted my lips
As his hands swirled my hips
And we left words unsaid

Falling into love
By Cupid’s shove
I grabbed on
To stop the fall
But I heard
My beloved’s call
It was like angels from above
(c) 2015 Linda A. Long – All Rights Reserved
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Life is best when lived passionately
I am participating in a two week poetry class online – not for credits, obviously. I’m doing it more for fun and enjoyment. They send a writing prompt the night before the posting date which is helpful because i can schedule my posts for the next day.

Today’s prompt Limericks & enjambment which is continuing a sentence without a pause on another line. I do that all the time in my poetry.

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