Ode To My High Heeled Black Boots – Writing 201 Day 5

Ode To High Heeled Black Boots – Love, Sex and Poetry
By: Linda A. Long

In deep admiration
I pay homage to my
High Heeled
Black Boots
The ones that come
Up to my knee
And lead his beautiful eyes
Straight into my waiting prize
Heels like spikes
My stilettos tie
His thoughts around my hips
Like a chain link belt
Of unbridled passion
And unsavory intentions
High heeled
Black boots
Line the map
Of his desires to
Where I live in his heart
Starving, I’m starving
For his love and attention
My boots are
Like a magic wand
I wave over his waist
Until his restlessness
Pulls him into
The center of my world
My high heeled
Black boots glisten as they
Rest on his shoulders
As if a star lighting
His path
Into my deepest caverns
To peace, love and happiness
My high heeled black boots
Gently beg
For his attention
Like a petulant child
Distracting him from
Urgent matters
Drawing him into
Into the dreamy underworld
Of my sexual desire
I live here
From him
Come hither
Say my boots
Follow me
Beg my boots
They cast a spell
Of love and
Make a plea of lust
Take me, my love
It was my
Higher heeled
Black boots
That brought him to me
(C) 2015 Linda A. Long – All Rights Reserved
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Life is best when lived passionately

Writing 201 – Poetry Day Assignment was to write a poem in the style of an ode reflecting where you live and using a metaphor. I wrote about my high heeled black boots. I love them. I’m actually going to buy a new pair of stiletto boots Later tonight😁 The map, where I live, is in the dreamy world of lust I share with a man. And, I used metaphors throughout. Here’s a link to the course.

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