My Window – Day 7 Writing 201 Poetry

My Window
By: Linda A. Long

I sit
In the sky
Perched on cloud
To the ocean
As it talks to my soul
Smoothing out the rough edges
In my mind
The pattern of stress
Melts away with
The sand returning to sea
Up here
I see the world below
I watch my city
Change from
Lazy beach town by day
To high roller haven by night
Offering a little
Something for everyone
From my window
To the world
I see the neon signs
Glow by moonlight
I watch the fireworks
On Fourth of July
Boom Boom Boom
I hear angry wind
Whistle in my ear
Showing its power
As I stand in the window
I see storms
Roll up the coast
And devour the beach
I hear the sirens sound
From the firehouse across the street
I watch beach lovers
Make their pilgrimage
And claim their spot
Just below my window
From here
I scout my place
In the sand
Right between
The red umbrella
And blue tent
Away from the crowd
As I sit
In the sky
Perched on a cloud
I carve my name
Into the sand
With my mind’s eye
Knowing this time
Right now
Is fleeting
The waves of change will
Carry my name away
A new phase
Of life will begin
I will always
Remember this season
Of my life
As the time
I set myself free
And started to
Honor all that I am
It has been
This time
Near ocean
I healed myself
Mind, body and spirit
It has been
This season
That I prepared myself
For what wonderful
Changes life
Still has to come
While looking
Out my window
To the world
I’ve grown
I’ve grown
(C) 2015 Linda A. Long – All Rights Reserved
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Life is best when lived passionately

I’m posting Day 7 early. I won’t have time tomorrow…

Day 7’s assignment in Writing 201 Poetry is to write about something close to home. I wrote about my window which faces the Atlantic Ocean. It symbolizes how I see the world as open & expansive. The photo on this post is my window to world. The below song from U2 is a favorite of mine.

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