Dichotomy ~ Love, Sex and Poetry

Dichotomy ~ Love, Sex and Poetry
By: Linda A. Long

I am a
I am two wholes who are
Completely opposite
They live within me
I am split

I am a lover
I am a fighter.
I love like a fighter
And fight like a lover.
They both live within me

I am bold
I am weak.
Vacillating between two
Extremes I walk the
High wire of life
Standing my ground
And retreating

I am honest
I am a liar
I am completely honest
With you
I lie to myself
I live in middle

I am wise
I am foolish
I am wise beyond my years
I am foolish
With my dreams
Filled with innocent hope
Blinded by idealism
Believing in true
love and happiness

I am courageous
I am a coward
I champion my heart’s desire
I hide in isolation
Wounded by fear
Of failure and success
A courageous coward lives in me

I am a ready slut
I am a celibate virgin
Each struggling for possession of my body
They live between my breasts
In the valley of my cleavage
Needing only one man to set them both free

I’ve seen hell
I’ve seen heaven
I’ve faced down my demons
And was kissed on the lips by an angel
I’ve wallowed in despair
And rejoiced in ecstasy
I’ve known the devil
But was saved by God

I feel love
And don’t understand hate
I tasted the lips of love
But never savored its juice
I was angry in love
But, now find peace in surrender

My two parts
Once divided
Within me
Come together as one
In this body
Igniting this spirit
Challenging this mind
Loving wildly as one
Genuinely offered to you with no regrets
(C) 2015 Linda A. Long – All Rights Reserved
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Life is best when lived passionately

The back story for this poem is I wear my cross on a long chain; it often lays in my cleavage. One night a guy friend of mine said, “that’s heaven and hell right there…You are such a dichotomy. At first, I didn’t even know what the word meant. I had to look it up in the dictionary. But, once I understood it, I knew he was right. Over the years I’ve become comfortable in my own skin; I like my duality. I like being the sweet girl who writes about sex and the girl who will show you her cleavage but won’t give herself away. I wrote about the inherent duality that exists within a person as they define what love means to them and decide what they are willing to risk, lose or win to have it.

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